New Grad Earnings

  1. What kind of annual earnings 'could' a new RN expect?

    Would one department pay better than the other?
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  3. by   MB37
    Depends on where in the country you are. In the South, I make $21.50 base pay plus differential. The other hospitals in my area pay about the same, maybe a dollar more or less. I have a BSN and will be working in critical care - neither gets me an extra cent. They do pay more for certifications - earning a CCRN eventually will bump my pay, as does certification in any specialty.
  4. by   meadow85
    In Ontario, Canada it depends if you work for a unionized hospital or not. I work for a unionized hospital and I started at $26.80 and then after a year it went up to $28.08 on the scale. I have a BScN. All nurses in Canada as of 2005 require a BScN. You move up the pay scale with each year of experience by a couple cents until you reach the ceiling at I think forty something. It doesn't matter which area you work in the hospital, so long as it is unionized. If it is non-unionized I think the pay is dollar more or so. But if you were to get your Masters or PhD your pay is entirely different.
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  5. by   RhodyGirl, RN
    In the northeast, new grad pay ranges from $24 to $30/hour depending on the state, with NYC and Boston being on the higher end of the payscale.
  6. by   beachbum3
    New Grad pay here is $23.31 per hour (at the hospital I work). I work nights, and our night shift diff is $5 per hour.
  7. by   IamVickiRN
    I'm an LPN in Indiana and I make $20.50 straight out of school.
  8. by   Dallas_RN
    Depends on the state, area of specialty, size of the hospital, and shift differentials.
  9. by   curlybear
    In Long Island NY, new grads start at around 64,000 days w/ 6,000 diff for nights