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  1. revolution

    Broadview University

    Hello, Quick question - Does anyone know about Broadview's night school RN program? I'm particularly interested in the schedule as I have a day job that I can't change. Secondly, their program is accredited by NNLAC but the school is accreditited by...
  2. If one were to attend an ADN program at a 'trade school' as opposed to a CC or 4 year univsersity/college, are you shooting yourself in the foot when considering NP school? For example, there are several schools out there that are in the preliminary ...
  3. revolution

    Nursing School at Night?

    Does anyone know of RN programs geared towards working folks? I've seen a few ADN programs that advertise they cater to working people with night classes, ect. FWIW, I live in Arizona and have not found anything in the state that allows such flexibil...
  4. revolution

    Family Practice Prior to NP

    Hypothetically, if someone wanted to be a FNP, would entering into a general/family private practice as a RN serve well? I would think that someone wanting to practice family health care would benefit enormously by actually working in family care as ...
  5. revolution

    University of Phoenix?

    FWIW, I spoke with a FNP student just finishing up at UOP who had great things to say about the program.
  6. revolution

    University of Phoenix?

    Katie (or anyone), do you know what the class structure is like? Day, night, weekends, etc?
  7. revolution

    University of Phoenix?

    Does anyone know anything about University of Phoenix FNP program? I know that most UoP's programs are geared towards 'working adults'. I'd love to hear anyone's comments on the school and program.
  8. revolution

    Unsure about your skills as a NP

    I get the impression that a fairly common sentiment amongst NPs (on this site) is they're very uncertain about their skills or abilities. It's actually concerning to read. I understand a NP is not a MD however, a FNP should be able to treat 80% of al...
  9. revolution

    No RN practice prior to DNP

    I know this has probably been beat to death but I know of a few programs that require no experience prior to their DNP/NP program. Is the DNP geared at maybe providing the clinicals in a specific area of expertise that maybe a RN would gather elsewhe...
  10. revolution

    What prevents a NP from opening up shop?

    In my state, Arizona, NPs can practice independently of physicians. Not that any good healthcare provider doesn't consult with their colleagues, but the law as I understand it, allows NPs to be sole providers. What prevents NPs from opening up 'Arizo...
  11. revolution

    ANP v. FNP

    Can anyone please exmplain the primary differences between ANP and FNP? Are ANPs usually found in hospitals as oppsed to FNPs? Does one deal more with acute care as opposed to primary care?
  12. revolution

    Consider going for MD?

    Not so. DOs practice every medical specialty in numbers. The idea that most DOs go into primary care in antiquated. My father is a neurologist and a DO so I hear about this all the time.
  13. revolution

    FNP Admission Privileges

    I currently live in Arizona where NPs apparently don't require any collaboration with a physician and can practice solo. Would a FNP in private, family typically be able to admit a patient to a hospital if needed? Generally, in the US can FNPs admit?
  14. revolution

    Acute Care NP

    Thanks for the insight. I hear FNPs have a difficult time getting into hospitals. What's the reason behind this? I know plenty of GPs that work in hospitals, admit patients, etc. In my state, there are only FNP, PNP, and NNP programs. What if someon...
  15. revolution

    Do NPs practice nursing or medicine?

    I've read stories about NPs in the early 90s being charged with 'practicing medicine without a license'. So my question is, do NPs practice nursing, medicine or both?