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  1. Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    "Maybe nurses are not all interchangeable as administrations sometimes like to think." Shout it louder for the folks in the back!! It is not true that "A nurse is a nurse is a nurse".
  2. Can anyone tell me if there is a website that I can check to see if someone is truly an MA? Thank you, Vicki
  3. ER. A Clinic?

    I have just the opposite problem! I work in a clinic that the patients think is an ER! They come in to us for chest pain, stroke symptoms, etc and get MAD when we tell them we are calling an ambulance to take them to the ER! Its unreal the things ...
  4. ADM?

    I don't know if it was ADM? Maybe they meant ADN? Thats Associates Degree in Nursing as opposed to a diploma nurse or BSN? Just a guess... I don't have any other ideas. Vicki
  5. If I had a dollar every time I heard....

    All I want is a refill on my Xanax and Vicodin, why do I have to see the doctor for that?? Can't you just call them in for me?? I hear that at least 5 times a day in my clinic!
  6. Wound care

    Hi everyone. I work in an income based clinic where 90% of our clients are no isurance/under insured. I have a case with a client that has cellulitis on her leg and desperately needs unna boots but can't afford them. I used to work in the VA where ...
  7. Med administration

    Hello, I am an RN in IL. I work in a federally funded clinic that uses "MA's" as members of the staff. I put that in quotes because they use the term "MA" to define anyone other than the nurses and doctors. We do have one legitimate MA, that has t...
  8. Gee, thanks, Mom!

    Thats funny, I've always said we put the FUN in dysfunctional. Maybe it really is more the FUNK!! I can relate to your post immensely. My mom would take healthcare advice from dog if he could talk before she would listen to me. Fortunately for m...
  9. any ideas to help me with motivation?

    Hey, Just curious, how does licensing work with travel nurses? You still have to be licensed in any state you work unless its a VA, right? Vicki
  10. New nurse

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for help! Any nurse you are working with should understand that school does not teach you all the things you need to know. I went through a very similar situation, I graduated LPN in May, started at a LTCF with the promise ...
  11. Lol?

    Too funny!!
  12. SMOKING! My mothers' best lines... 1. Smoking after a lung resection: "Please God, don't let it be cancer, if its not cancer I'll stop smoking!" DX: Histoplasmosis. "Well I've smoked all these years and its not cancer, the cigs must not be as bad a...
  13. LPNs Salary Poll. I might use this for new job. HELP?

    Title: LPN LTC, First job out of school: $20.50/hr Indiana
  14. Am I wrong because i don't want to do CNA duites

  15. do i take my NCLEX test in TX or IL?

    You will have to be fingerprinted and backgrounded in IL. They are real buggers from what I understand. I am licensed in Indiana because I live here, but since I live on the state line, I am considering getting my IL license so I have more freedom ...