Wound care

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Hi everyone.

I work in an income based clinic where 90% of our clients are no isurance/under insured. I have a case with a client that has cellulitis on her leg and desperately needs unna boots but can't afford them. I used to work in the VA where I am used to having everything that my heart desired for treatment options, but now I work with the bare minimum of supplies. I know unna boots are calamine lotion impregnated gauze; (with some other goodies, I know...) so I'm wondering if I were to soak guaze in calamine lotion and apply them in the same manner if she would get any benefit from this? :confused: Anyone have any ideas on this?



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No suggestions on the unna boots, but it always breaks my heart a little more when money is more important than peoples lives. Thank you for caring so much.


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Unna boot usually has zinc paste in it, and sometimes calamine.

I don't think you can just make this yourself.

How does anybody there get any supplies?