NEW! Bulletin Board Statistics

  1. I just thought I'd share some new BB Statistics, rather than explaining it all, here are some quick links for you to enjoy!

    Bulletin Board Statistics - Main Page

    Top Threads/Forums

    Top Posters - Ever / This Month / Last 24 hours

    Visitors By Country

    Referring Sites

    Please Note Many of these statistics started today (Jan 26, 2002) Like Page views and reffering sites. These statistics are only for the Bulletin Board areas, not the entire site of Please feel free to reply with any comments.

    Thanks and Enjoy!

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  3. by   prmenrs
    How do you access these features without finding this post first?

  4. by   nightingale

    Thank for this post. It is very interesting. I agree with the others and wonder when you get your sleep.. lol

    I have a question.. there are over 16,00 memebers listed but there are only (clsoe to ) 7,000 active. What determines "active".. and why the discrepency?

    Thanks Brian.. you are the best..

  5. by   Nurcee
    Way kewl Brian!
  6. by   Brian
    Originally posted by prmenrs
    How do you access these features without finding this post first?
    I just placed a "BB Stats" link at the top of the page.
  7. by   Stargazer
    Stats are interesting--there are more UK nurses posting than Canadian nurses! I guess I find that surprising because I work with so many outspoken Canadian, as well as U.S. nurses.
  8. by   challis
    Wow, Australia is fourth on the list with 587 members. I hadn't realised that there were sooo many aussies here.

  9. by   Brian

    The country stats are "visitors by country" not members. Those stats just reflect where people are from that visit the BB