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:eek: Yes, I have done the of all folks.......OB/employee health nurse. How could this happen to me? I was helping out of the floor. Went to give IV meds, and No i really... Read More

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    Glad to hear your clear for now. Best wishes.
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    I work with Pediatric HIV patients from time to time..however the clinic serves adults as well. I can think of about 8 patients right now who are over the age of 60....I would take the meds, but that's just me. Ditto to what someone else said: They tested for HepB but not HIV??!! Terrible..

    Best wishes...the odds are that you are fine, but why take chances?
  3. by   SE_BSN_RN
    Quote from Nurse Ratched
    I might add that in our facility, it's not a matter of "asking" the doctor to run blood tests. Hepatitis screening is standard protocol on source patients for needle sticks, as is attempting to obtain an HIV consent for that testing. We are not legally allowed to test for HIV without that signed consent.

    I, too, am horrified that there are no needleless systems in place there. When was the last time JCAHO came through? Are they due soon? You can request a meeting with inspectors to report concerns. Granted, altho you are protected by whistleblower laws, you are risking your job, but I'd be inclined to at least mention this to my coworkers. They should ALL be outraged.
    I got stuck on saturday after giving an insulin injection and the doc ordered hep panel and hiv. WHY WHY WHY do we need patient's consent for HIV testing if we get stuck with a needle??????? I don't understand....isn't this taking patient rights way too far???
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    Quote from NurseDianne
    I am truly sorry to hear that you got stuck! Maybe as the employee health nurse you could push for a needleless system

    Thanks for your reply, and yes, we did start out several years ago w/ a needless system.......and honestly, I don't know what happened to far as the HIV, the lab said they didn't actually need her permission to test her.......isn't that illeg?

    No its not is ok to draw a patient now when there is a needle stick...without permission if there is already blood drawn and in the lab.
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    I have taken the Hep B series 3 times...each time my titers come back negative. The only information my employee health nurse could offer me was "no need to keep repeating them, you are apparently a non-converter". What the heck does this mean?

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    What kills me about your OP is that the doc said he "wasn't worried about HIV." Ya think he would be worried if HE was the who had gotten stuck? I'm sure with this being a rural hospital he has known this person for years and thinks he know everything about her BUT still.....
    Glad to hear everything is coming out okay for you.
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    Quote from 2banurse
    What is the incidence of someone getting a needlestick getting HIV or HepC if the patient is positive for either or both? Also, in the nursing program, are you trained with both needle and needleless injections?

    We used needleless IV systems in my nursing program, which is what the PP's are referring to. These systems use syringes that can attach to IV systems with no needle needed.

    Of course, good old fashioned IM & SC injections use needles, although all that I have seen have safety devices in place. Wouldn't it be cool if we didn't need needles at all? :chuckle
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    My instructor from hell actually recapped one, right in front of me.
    Eeek! Recapped one! You were right to keep your mouth shut since she is your instructor, but eek!