Need advice, feeling really bummed :(

  1. I'm taking my pre reqs for nursing, this semester a lot of things have happened, and unfortunately my anatomy grade has slipped and is now at a failing grade, I really only have 4 more class days until the end of the semester (4 weeks, excluding next week since we are out for Thanksgiving) I Have two more quizes and 1 more exam and then my final exam, Today (November 14th) Is my last day to withdraw if I decide to do that, so my question for all of you is should I withdraw and retake it next semester or tough it out and see where I stand even though even if I were to bring it above passing I doubt I could bring it past a D in such short time. I hope someone answers I'm so stressed over debating on what to do
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  3. by   1st edition
    If your nursing program/college only allows you to take a pre-req x2 then perhaps you should w/draw. That way there is no grade to consider and you can re-take A&P 2 more times if you need to. The highest of the 2 grades will be the one factored.
  4. by   wee weeble
    YEs!!!!!!!! Do withdraw, getting a W you can explain, an F is a little harder. Next time around you'll be better prepared and get a better grade
  5. by   RNin'08
    I agree, withdraw and try again next semester. You'll be better prepared for the class and hopefully have better circumstances. Most nursing programs require a minimum of 'C' in A&P so even if you could manage a 'D' it probably wouldn't be enough. Best of luck to you!

    ~my reality check bounced~
  6. by   sequelae
    if there is a chance that you could pass by passing with final colors your remaining tests, i say go for it. although you will have to really study hard, itll save you time. but if youre not confident about it, i guess youll have to withdraw then.
  7. by   Speculating
    It depends is it your fault or an exceptionally hard instructor. If you going to take the same instructor, then by all means finish the class. This way you will know exactly what to expect next time around. You normally get 2-3x max. to get a passing grade in the class. If you only get two chances then I might withdrawl, !@#$ happens and you don't want to blow your career on an A&P class; otherwise, roll the dice. You don't want to be holding yourself back with pre's. The idea is to get into nursing school. C's earn degrees and no one has ever asked my what GPA I received after nursing school. The best grade will count on your GPA, and you'll never have to explain to anyone why you got a "D" first time around.
  8. by   NaomieRN
    I would withdraw because an F does not look pretty on a transcript.
    Next time you take A&P, see if you can buy some study guides to assist you. Try record the lectures and rewrite your notes as soon as you can. Try a different approach. Good luck to you.
  9. by   AuntieRN
    If you can withdraw without penalty then I would withdraw. A&P was my downfall and almost kept me out of the nursing program. Luckily though I moved and my old school let you retake as many times as needed until you got a C+. I kept retaking it (3times) and kept getting a C. I moved to another state and transferred schools and there all I needed was a C. I finally finished and graduated. Good luck to you!!
  10. by   Lacie
    My school only permitted 2 fails total for any classes related to the nursing program for the entire program and no class could have less than a "C" grade to be eligibile. So even if you pulled a "D" it would be considered a fail in thier eyes. Not sure of your programs requirement but I agree with the others drop the class. It's much easier to deal with a "W" then to end up completely out of the program down the road.
  11. by   ms_orion
    Withdraw. Take it again...more than likely you will ace it the second time around.
  12. by   ShockerGirl07
    I agree with everyone else - take a W and retake it. I got a C the first time I took it, and re-took it at the advice of my advisor. She said if it came down to me and another person, and they had a higher grade in A&P they would pick them so I did and got an A the second time. Good luck!
  13. by   Mudwoman
    Withdraw. You need at least a 3.5 or better to get into most nursing schools these days because of the numbers trying to get in. It was a 4.0 when I applied.
  14. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    For whatever it's worth...

    My school only allows 1 repeat, BUT that includes a "W." For instance, I took A&P II in 1997, but withdrew after the first lecture. That left me with only one shot to pass. Any others like this?

    You may want to look into that...I say finish the class either way.