NCLEX- pass or fail?!?!?!?

  1. I took my NCLEX yesterday and went to check if I passed. I did not see a license number on the MN board of nursing website, but I saw this:
    Application status for spunky1281 Application type: Licensure By Exam Application received: 03-15-2009 Registered with test service: 03-15-2009 Confirmation of program completion: 01-06-2009 Authorization to test issued: 03-16-2009 Date scheduled to take exam: 04-14-2009 Permit issued:
    Permit expiration:
    Examination results: Passed License issued:

    Did I pass if there is no license number listed???
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Sounds like it -- I doubt they'd put "passed" in there if it weren't true. I'm sure a license number will appear soon. Congrats!
  4. by   arelle68
    You passed.
    Examination results: Passed
    There it is. Your license number will come up on your state board of nursing website in a few days.
  5. by   Keepstanding
    you passed bay-beee ! woo hoo
    congratulations to you !

    praiser :heartbeat
  6. by   tkane
    Congratulations you did it!
  7. by   spunky1281
    anyone know how long it takes to get your license number then???
  8. by   kmarie724
    You passed! Congrats! I'm in MN too. It said "passed" by exam results the next day and I think it was either later that day or the next day that my license number was up there. It took maybe another week or so to my actual license in the mail.