nclex in ohio

  1. i just took the nclex yesterday, tuesday. i am wondering if anyone knows if i can receive my results before receiving them in the mail, i don't think i can wait 4 weeks. thanks.
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  3. by   CEN35
    to my knowledge there is no way to know or find out prior to the mailing, which only lets you know three days ahead. wait it out and you will be fine!
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    didnt you get "unofficial results" right after you took the test? We do
  5. by   Katmease
    Hi Brandy. How do you get "unofficial results" right after the test? I'm from Missouri also & the best I could get was the 3 day, $7.95 900 # call for "unofficial results". If there's a quicker way, please share because I know I was miserable waiting just for 3 days. It's a shame all states don't have the 3 day option.
  6. by   BrandyBSN
    When our seniors took the nclex in may, the professor told us that the computer program gives you an unofficial score right after you finish the test. The students confirmed this. Is this not common?
  7. by   Katmease
    The Sylvan people have the results immediately, unfortunately, they are not supposed to tell you & can get into trouble if they do (I don't know what kind of trouble). I had hoped to get a hint from the lady but no such luck. I even looked at the computer screens but she had them cleared. Oh well, I survived.
  8. by   Y2KRN
    The computer did not tell me anything after I took the test and the lady who was there had a wonderful poker face, I could not read a thing. I had to wait three weeks for my results!! In answer to your question Brandy, I do not think it is common for the computer to give you a tentative result. I am all for that though! After all you go through in nursing school, it would be nice to have the results from boards right then and there, especially since technology can do this now.
  9. by   NurseTami
    Yes, check for your State website, where you can verify a license. You should be able to type in a name and verify a license #. I went to my States' website and it gave me a date of issue for my LPN license and also says my RN is pending... I take my boards on July17.
  10. by   missichic
    I took the NCLEX-RN a few weeks ago (Oregon). Some people in my class were also plotting ways to get results in a shorter time period. I still do not have the "official" notice from NCLEX saying that I passed, and yet the State Board got my license to me very quickly--about two or three days after I took the exam!! So I guess that means I passed?? LOL

    Also, my computer shut down after 75 questions (the minimum)...I was so freaked out, and so sure that I failed!! Anyone else have this experience??

  11. by   e-nurse
    I got my results after about 2 weeks from the CT State website like Nurse Tami said. I don't know if this is an option in Ohio? Good luck.
  12. by   JenKatt
    When I took the NCLEX 2 years ago in NJ, I got 75 questions and then the shut off. I was so happy, since I was done in 45 minutes and didn't think I could sit for 76 questions.
    In NJ, you can call, but Sylvan won't tell you. Period. You have to wait up to a month for the Board to mail your results. The Board in NJ sucks royally.
  13. by   CraigB-RN
    You don't actually get a response from NCLEX. When you get a license from your state, that is your notification. Check WWW.NCSBN.ORG. THeir information link to NCLEX is there. As to when you can find out, that is up to your state. Each is different.