NCLEX... I'm freaking !!

  1. Ok, here's is deal.....

    I've been an LPN for over 15 years... I've never worked acute care.

    I graduated in December with my RN....

    I'm am totally freaking out on taking the boards...... I should be hearing any day as to when I can schedule an exam.

    I have Kaplan, Saunders, NCLEX made easy and have even signed up on the NCLEX review site........

    I don't remember feeling like this when I took my LPN boards and only had one review book.... and I passed the first time.

    Here's my problem.... I think I'm S--king on the review questions!!
    I'm either in the high 70's or low 80's......I was a B student in school.

    I'm sooo afraid of failing boards..... I think if I end up answering more than 75 questions... I'll faint.
    I've been having nightmares about this whole thing.

    Help... I need some reassurance and some stats......

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  3. by   BranRN

    Take a deep breathe in.......breathe out (Repeat as often as needed!) You have prepared well for the test; therfore you will do well, it is only natural to feel anxious and nervous. Before a test in class my professor would not start until after we closed our eyes and and took slow deep breathes in and out for about a minute or two.

    Secondly, I know many people who have passed who were cut off after 200 questions, so you need not worry if you go past the 75th question. It will only make you more nervous. Let us know when you will take NCLEX, we will be thinking about you!!

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Agnus
    Take some looog deep breaths. You have been a nurse for 15 years. You passed the NCLEX-PN years ago. The majority pass on the first try. YOU WILL NOT FAINT. Get a massague. lite some candles meditate. You WILL pass. The number of questions you get is irrelevent.
    You have all the knowledge you need to pass. Schedule the exam as soon as possible. Do not torture yourself by putting it off to study or for anyother reason. Get it over as soon as possible.
    DO some positive affirmations: "I am confidend that I will pass," "I am calm," "I am competent".
  5. by   scoick
    I just received email notification that I'm eligiable right now.....
    I have my numbers sitting before me.

    I plan to schedule ASAP...... I'm just waiting for the tingling to stop in my arms and hands.....

  6. by   traumaRUs
    Go for it - you'll do just fine. Good luck...judi
  7. by   yodakelly

    High 70's or low 80's on NCLEX review questions is good. I assume you are taking boards on a computer, which means there's no "set percentage" for pass/ fail as the computer will base each next question on whether or not you answered the previous one correctly... BUT I took an NCLEX review and learned that as a general rule, around a 70% will give you a passing score. I consistently got 70's-80's on review exams and passed boards the first time, no problems, 75 questions. AND i felt that board questions were alot easier than the review questions. You will pass.
  8. by   Tweety
    If you make high 70s and low 80s, then you will pass the boards. You don't have to make a "B".

    Whatever stress relieving activities have gotten you through in the past, try them today.

    Breathe, relax. Do your best. You'll do fine.
  9. by   BMS4

    Everybody gave you great advice. You can do this. Let us know when you are scheduled to take it.
  10. by   scoick
    I made the appointment yesterday........

    I take the exam the 17th of this month at 0930 PST.....

    I just finished the the first Kaplan review test and got a 75%... wish I would have done alot better. Heck, I didn't know what one of the medications was and had several questions about it..... BUT, I know it now!!!

    SOOOOO lite the candles !!!!

    I just want this behind me!!

    Thanks to all for your support !!

  11. by   meownsmile
    I found that i usually hit the 70's or 80's when i used the reviews too. I passed the first time. Relax so you can absorb what you are missing,, keep the review scores in that neighborhood and youll do fine.
  12. by   GPatty
    Me too...
    I had 70's and 80's on my review tests. Passed my NCLEX at 85 questions.
    You will pass. Have faith in yourself!
  13. by   scoick
    Well tomorrow is the big day.......

    Thanks for all of your support........

    I think I may have over studied..... I'm not going to look at anything today.

    Wish me luck and say some prayers.....

  14. by   BMS4
    Thanks for posting. Let us know how it goes. Are you in a state where you will get unofficial results pretty quickly?

    Good luck and get plenty of rest. Also, eat a good breakfast.