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I know this is an often-used test. I've taken it three times since h.s. I am mostly an ENFP, sometimes an ISFP. Anyone else know their type? I wonder what other types people on the forum are, and if... Read More

  1. by   RNNPICU
    I am an ENFP and have just started in the PICU. I took the short test, don't know if it would change in the long one.. I was 100% Feeling and 73% Perceiving, 68% Intuitive, and 89 % Extraverted
  2. by   ShemRN
    I've taken the test twice. Once ENFJ, the second INFJ.
    Most of the categories are really close to the middle though, as I recall.
  3. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Corvette Guy
    I've taken the test many times thru the years, but appreciated the opportunity to take the one on the link you provided... thanks!

    My results; Personality type is ISFJ [The Nurturers].

    I found the second link you provided a great read, too! The descriptions I read on my ISFJ personality type fit me perfectly. LOL, glad to see I'm in the right profession.

    isfj here too - neat test - pretty close except my house definately is not neat and fancy lol
  4. by   twotrees2
    Quote from Indy
    ESTJ here. That's funny because I took this test in nursing school and I remember being an I-something, a "nurturer." Now I'm a guardian. Hmm. I didn't expect nursing to completely change my personality type!
    funny - i used to be a guardian and now am a nurturer - really do wonder if or experiences changes our outcomes
  5. by   twotrees2
    Quote from P_RN
    On the M/B I am I N F J.

    But on the Jung Typology I am I S T J.......neither had exactly the answers I wanted, so some I just picked the lesser of two evils.
    yes i noticed that the questions sometimes did not have the answer i need and between did not really fit either 0 lol - where did you find the other test - the Jung one - id be interested to See how different they do show. thanks
  6. by   twotrees2
    Quote from carm4502
    Mr ENTJ speaking. Yes you. I also took the Myer Briggs challenge on many occasions during my career and it was farily good, but the definitions got shaky around the edges.

    I recently tested using the "True Colours" methodology for determining my response to above and below the line thinking (management Vs. Leadership) and came out a strong Green/Gold with a patch of Orange and almost no Blue. Not surprising that I am a nurse informatician then.

    Most nurses in the clinical setting tested Orange/Blue or Vice Versa (the caring side coming through), and it really showed why my reliance on fact and statistics hadn't permeated the complex. Nurses usually seem to know through feeling a situation rather than analysing it and their intuition hardly ever fails.

    Try the colour test. Its far more revealing then Myer Briggs. As a Greenie I'd like to collate the results.
    maybe someone asked already but do you have the link? thanks!