My license on the line, not theirs

  1. I'm so upset but don't know what else I can do. When hired 4 months ago,my manager guaranteed(swore up and down etc)that I would have 4 to 5 max pts.I work a telemetry floor that still handles line pulls and vasoactive drips.I asked her specifically,because high pt:staff ratios was a major issue for me(and all of us).Well,let me tell you, in 4 months I have only ONCE had 6 patients.The rest of the time it was 7 to 9 on nights,6-7 on days.This is disgusting but the nurses refuse to unionize, and accept this.They just take it and grumble about it.If they all quit or threatened,believe me they'd find nurses fast!I can't do it anymore.I worked hard for my license and I just cannot give the care to the patients.We don't have monitor techs,carry beepers(that alarm constantly when a pt moves) and carry phones.How can we give care this way.I went in for an interview at a hospital 1 minute from my house who practically drooled on me.They showed me their staffing logs and they actually had pretty decent staffing.Generally 4 pts apiece. I am now driving 45 minutes one way to work,$50 a week gas prices, and literally FORGOT my phone # yesturday.Scared the heck out of myself.Is this story familiar? I feel some obligation to the hospital for training me,but then, do they feel any obligation to me? No,I don't believe they do.
    Sorry to go on. Any thoughts?
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  3. by   oramar
    Leave now, you do not need to explain to me or anyone else why you are doing it. We would all be gone already.
  4. by   sharann
    I will leave! My husband and mom gave the same advice,but I wanted a nuses perspective(just to be sure!).I'm writing my letter of resignation and going to clean out my locker tonight.
  5. by   Zee_RN
    Behind 100%, sharann. Get the heck out while you can...especially if you can get a place closer to home! Sounds like a good deal to me.
  6. by   mustangsheba
    Leave, Darlin'!! They broke their contract. Don't be making excuses for them!
  7. by   CEN35

    I would NOT even owe them nothing. they told you one thing, and it hasnt occured. Why drive 45, when you can drive one, and feel safer??? makes perfect sense. I wouldn't even have wasted time writing this post, until after all was said and done.

    Have a nice, I mean REALLLLLLLLL Nice night!!!

  8. by   CC NRSE

    Do you think for one minuet if the shoes were on the other foot they would care about YOU??? Trust me, they wouldn't. Leave NOW while you still have your license. Your just a warm body to them. I'm sure they can hire someone else with less experience for less pay!!!!
  9. by   JennieBSN
    Girl, get out NOW. 'Nuff said.
  10. by   bestblondRN

    I hope that letter of resignation is signed, sealed and delivered. When the job starts taking that kind of toll on you, it's time to move on and find something else. There is no reason to question your decision to leave--the manager mislead you by representing the unit as well-staffed, which is really unethical, not to mention the signs of stress you are exhibiting. I think it is wonderful that you still have a desire to do a great job in taking care of patients, so I wish you all the best in finding an organization that values those ideals.
  11. by   sharann
    Thank you all so much for the input.I was wondering if it was me being "weak".Iv'e officially taken a "leave" until I find a new situation.I will not go back there.I just heard that they expect to give us 10-12 tele patients within the next couple of weeks.No way I say.
  12. by   oramar
    pity the people remaining behind, you will doubtlessly get a phone call from a co-worker asking your plans.(They will be wondering if they should go where you are going)
  13. by   moonshadeau
    You gotta do what will keep you sane. As a tele nurse 10 patients is way too much, like in as running away screaming type day. Seven is a why do I put up with this kind of day. I understand. We have tele techs thankfully. On a side note, I have to say that I have noticed in many of the postings sharann, I think that we are leading parallel lives. Many of the posts that you create, I so totally can relate. Just a thought.

    Let us know in a couple of weeks how you like your new job in comparison to your old.
  14. by   mustangsheba
    Seven patients is too many. I don't know how one can take care of 10 tele patients. That's less than one hour per patient. Forget about ever going to the bathroom! Unsafe!!!!! There were four codes Tuesday on the tele floor I worked the other night (not Tuesday). They all survived. How do you suppose that scenario would have gone if the nurses on that floor had ten patients? Who is making these outrageous decisions? Let's get them in a dark alley.