my dad broke his hip =(

  1. I always get so much support from this board, so this is my first place to turn. My mom just told me that he fell and fractured his hip in two places (won't need a replacement as of yet, but is getting two pins in tonight at 10). I am a junior and haven't done my med-surg rotation yet (next term!) please forgive me if I sound ignorant...but what exactly can he expect for recovery time? Is there anything I can tell my mom to be helpful? I am driving down to California in the a.m. My dad is 79 and has Multiple Sclerosis as well (he still walks but is slowing down a great deal). I just want to be there for him. I think my mom said he would be in the hospital for 4 days and possibly in rehab afterwards.

    I did read through my Med-Surg text but sometimes it is nice to hear more personal words of wisdom. Thank you so much to anyone who can offer some words of support or advice...(this is a little stressful because I had a dream 3 nights ago my dad died...I never have those sorts of dreams! and then this phone call came in can imagine my mind racing...)

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  3. by   RNin2007
    Come on, someone offer advice...please. Also, would I be better off waiting a few days to go down vs. going tomorrow while he is fresh out of surgery? I know how I felt post-op and slept a lot...and I was a healthy 22 year old when I had mom is stoic, always has been and she is ok dealing with this...

    Someone, anyone? Please???

  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck. At your dad's age and condition 3 to 4 days inpatient with rehab afterwards sounds about right.

    I would probably check in early in this process just to see how he and mom are doing, rather than wait.

    Hip pinnings are sadly pretty common and routine and he should do well.

    Good luck.
  5. by   Jessy_RN
    I am sorry about your dad. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Good luck
  6. by   meownsmile
    I agree fairly common procedure. The incisions are usually pretty small anymore. I do want to encourage you to make sure he is coughing and deep breathing and using the incentive spirometer afterward like every hour to prevent pneumonia. From the time he comes back from surgery. Encourage him to take extra fluids and increase fiber in the diet and/or prune juice with breakfast while he is taking pain medication. Especially if his mobility is decreased due to another condtion. Also,, ankle pumps/excersises with the incentive spirometer to help prevent DVT in the legs.
    Its usually 3 night stay and they go to a rehab floor or facility for continued phsycial therapy/occupational therapy. He could be there from a couple weeks to several depending on his mobility. He should do fine.
  7. by   JentheRN05
    As Meownsmile said, and as a nurse on an ortho/neuro floor I tend to agree, at his age, it is critically important that he does his Incentive spirometer faithfully. The biggest threat at his age is pneumonia, and I have seen someone his age succumb to pneumonia, so please, if you tell your mom just one thing, make sure he's doing his IS, 10x an hour as best as he can. Turn Cough Deep Breath is another important thing.

    Second in line behind that is pain management. Make sure he stays on top of his pain. If it starts to hurt ask THEN for a pain med rather than waiting until it gets to a level of 5 or 6 because by then, the pain pill will allow it to easly creep up to an 8 or 9 before it kicks in and then only bringing it back down to a 3 to 4 instead of maybe 1.

    By far though the MOST important thing is the IS.
  8. by   nursemary9
    I have no additional advice to you.
    All t he posters have giveen you excellent advice. I will only say that what has been said about the IS is COMPLETELY TRUE!! Please, if there is nothing else, get him to do this!! Try to get him to do this even when he gets home.
    The pain control is also important. You can't do Physical Therapy unless your pain is in good control.

    I will keep your family in my prayers. Good luck to you & them.
    By the way, I wou ld go down as planned & not wait. That is just my opinion.

    Mary Ann
  9. by   RNin2007
    I couldn't sleep very well at all last night, and I soooo appreciate your advice. We are leaving here in a few hours. Surgery went okay, he is really disoriented this a.m. (asking if he had surgery repeatedly...?) Thank you so much for the advice...I will make sure he uses his IS and explain to my mom everything you have all said.

    Be back in a few days...

    edit...had to turn around and come back, ugh....apparently he has a positive chest x-ray for TB, and now my mom is going to have to get an x-ray too. I am waiting to hear back from my brother who is going to talk to the doc this a.m....I don't think it's a good idea to go visit (and stay in their house) if TB is floating around. And I just started spiking a fever this morning while getting ready to go...argh, looks like my kid shared his sickness with me. Tis the season...

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