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As a nursing student, I am required to wear white scrubs when I work in the hospital. Most of the time, that is ok, and I am just very thankful that we dont have to wear uniforms, but today it is... Read More

  1. by   ClariceS
    I find it interesting that it seems that many of those institutions who have chosen one specific color other than whites have chosen royal blue. All nursing staff here wear royal blue but we can wear whatever scrub jacket (within reason) that we want.
  2. by   tiger
    frustrated--good idea. ifi had to wear all white i might make it a daily thing. the wilder the better. could admin. then restrict your panty colors??? you could really show off and find the biggest, bulkiest kotex and arrange it so that it stands out. also in vegas we have hard water. i could skip the water softener and really be wearing a kind of beige color. but when i bought it it was white!? i think people take more pride in what they look like if allowed some choice.
  3. by   majic65
    I can wear anything--what a great job! So mostly I wear denim scrubs--the most comfortable, sturdy, non-wrinkling, etc., thing in the world! 100% cotton, and not too expensive, either-

    Oh--BTW--you can't really tie-dye white scrubs, unless they are 100% cotton--I have 2 tie-dyed jackets, all cotton, very groovy. (oops, shoed my age!)
  4. by   Li'l abner
    Originally posted by BrandyBSN
    As a nursing student, I am required to wear white scrubs when I work in the hospital. Most of the time, that is ok, and I am just very thankful that we dont have to wear uniforms, but today it is raining!!! My scrubs are made out of pretty thick cotton, visa treated, and are comfortable, but when they get wet, I might as well be wearing plastic wrap! You can see right through them. Plus, once a month, the ABSOLUTE LAST thing I want to do is wear white pants!!!! Must have been a man's idea I dont think one woman would start that trend. Flo wore dark blue and black... I think she had the right idea

    I think, when I graduate, I am going to tie-dye my white sets...

    I have to work in CCU/ICU tonight from 6-10, tomorrow I think I am going to go invest in a rain-coat. And umbrella only works so well

    As one of those male nurse I would like to make a comment about this situation. When I first started nursing all nurses had to wear a white dress, white stockings and white shoes. Scrubs were worn only in the OR. I had the school compremise by letting Me wear a white shirt, white pants, and white shoes. 24 years later we are allowed to wear OR scrubs on the floor. I agree that they are a lot more comfortable that a uniform, but if they are a problem there is still the old uniform to fall back on. I think it was the females that decided to start wearing scrubs nobody forced them. It probible was a man that designed the scrubs becouse they were worn by the Dr in the OR and 99% of the Drs were male back in those days. I wish I had been able to wear scrubs as a student

    Robert RN/BSN/Combat Nurse
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  5. by   PhantomRN
    I have worked in 4 different hospitals and in everyone we were allowed to wear whatever color uniforms we liked. The only requirement was they be neat and clean.
    I guess I should consider myself lucky.

    However, I must say that the ER is required to wear ugly blue/green, but the hospital pays for them.
  6. by   JustCallMeFlo
    In these days of nurse shortage, we find that our facility is just thrilled to have a warm body show up. Our manager wears scrubs all the time and there are no color or style requirements for the staff. I am practicing in NSICU now, but as a floor nurse for many, many years I wore white so that my patients could "tell who the nurse was". They never even remembered who I was, much less that I was their nurse. My cap is in my bottom drawer and will only be refolded if I decide to wear it for Hallowe'en. For those of you who are "told" to wear white, what would the management really do if you all decided to become part of the main stream and live life in color?? Let those who still want to wear white have that option, but why force and unpalatable and unnatural color on everyone??
  7. by   shannonRN
    nurses can wear pretty much whatever scrubs they want at my hospital. only surgery and ob wear hospital scrubs, which are light gray and pretty much off limits to the rest of the staff.
    i do think that color coding is a good idea. it would make it easier to identify the staff members for both the staff and the public. but i must be honest and say that i didn't take a job at another hospital partly because of their dress code. white on a pediatric floor?! we all know that little kids do NOT like to throw things, especially when they are not happy!!!!