Motivation and Staff Development

  1. Well, I have entered my final year of nursing school (yea!!) and am currently in a class the university requires I take to graduate. IN this class we have a paper and group project linked together on the above topic of Motivation and Staff development. This of course needs to be thourghly researched and my sources must be nursing research. I was wondering if anyone out there had any suggestions for a path to take down this road, I have some ideas but wouldn't mind anyone elses suggestions from there own workplace/experience on things that have been or should be researched on boosting motivation, developing staff etc. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advanced!!
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    I may be a tad bitter, but this recent mandatory rash of inservices on "Customer Service Excellence" emphasizing "internal" and "external" customers is full of dooky if it doesn't involve the very core of the problem to begin with: PHYSICIANS AND ADMINISTRATORS.

    What sense does it make to have the workers sit in a class telling us what we already know and those who DO NOT deal with the external customers day in and day out want to design a class based on what THEY BELIEVE is needed to promote their organizational goals. Not once have I ever been to one of these mandatory sessions where any of the people who actually deal with the patients as intimately as the nursing and ancillary staff had input into what customer excellence training should involve.

    Motivating and developing the staff should arise based on staff input. I guess I should have said that first, sorry.
  4. by   legsmalone
    Yeah, I totally agree, it seems that in talking to nurses here they are NEVER consulted as to what they think. Pretty sad considering the shortage crisis, need for retention etc.

    My fellow future nurses and I have decided that this class entails the BS portion of our BSN......:roll
  5. by   Q.
    Try looking at some educational psychology journals or articles, as well as other learning theories out the Cognitivists, Behaviorists, etc. One favorite of mine is David P. Ausubel. He was a major learning theorist who most closely resembles Patricia Benner's work of Novice to Expert. . Some of those topics might bring forth some articles in a lit search.

    If you'd like some articles, I can dig in my files and see what I find.

    Does your paper have to be theory-based?
  6. by   legsmalone
    Not necessarily, it's more of a "heres a topic, discuss a part of it"
    We just have to narrow down a portion and go to town. Theory based would work for me, if there is anything you have I would be very appreciative. So far we have found typing our topic into search engines brings up very little of what we think we can use (development tends to bring up hits in the pediatrics field, infant development etc.)
  7. by   Eastclif
    Originally posted by legsmalone
    So far we have found typing our topic into search engines brings up very little of what we think we can use
    If you are in university, you must have access to library, and you should be able to access databases such as CINAHL. I'm sure you would find tons of stuff in there. If you are not familiar with using this method to get journal articles, the librarian should be happy to show you how to do a lit search.

    You can narrow down searches, combine results, and get many full text articles.

    I would suggest some search strategies could be:

    self directed learning
    staff development
    evidence based practice
    reflective practice
    organizational culture

    Also, brings up some amazing results. You can use the same search words, but be sure to add the word 'nursing' when you use google.

    That should give you a good start. Good luck.

  8. by   Youda
    Still out on medical leave, and amusing myself with allnurses and reading . . .
    This week, I've been reading about some of the Models of Stress such as the "Response-Based Model." The thing I find so interesting is that the application of these stress models helps both patient and nurse. Patient in terms of coping with illness, and nurse in terms of preventing and early interventions to self burn-out. Everyone else in the known universe has probably heard of these models except me, but they are really interesting!
  9. by   suni
    wouldn,t it be nice if administratiors actually did start to listen to what nurses had to say, if they stopped looking at patients as customers and started to think of them like we do as patients the world would be a better place. also if nurses were actually allowed to sit on these committes and give input they would have a more reality based idea of what we do.
  10. by   Aussienurse2
    Yeah, that's gonna happen. NOT!!! To busy deciding where they're going for their holidays on their six figure incomes.