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Hi everybody, I have a question and PLEASE dont anybody blast me for typecasting, this was not MY statement, it was a LCSW I was friends with. She claims that a huge % of nurses are first born... Read More

  1. by   kstec
    First born, mother alcoholic, don't know father, lots of dysfunction
  2. by   Dixielee
    Getting on his bandwagon late, but here goes....first born , very functional family, 2 siblings, parents married to each other, no ETOH, our family was the fun place to be in the neighborhood. I patterned my parenting skills by the way I was raised ,and I have two wonderful adult children who are quite well adjusted, married, one has 2 grandbabies for me, and they all love their mama. And that is all that counts. No interest in nursing tho. I made sure of that.
  3. by   MANAIG
    I am first born. My was first born. We are not alcoholic. :spin:
  4. by   Marylou1102
    I am a first born. My family made growing up a wonderful experience. There was no alcohol abuse in our family.
  5. by   ritarunningfeet
    First Born, no ETOH, however fater verbally abusive and mental illness.

    RN friend is youngest however 12yrs between so grew up like only child, her father was alcoholic
  6. by   lvs2nrs3535
    I am fascinated by this, and I do want to do the math, (may not happen til after xmas though, lol) I think dysfunctional family problems without the alcohol would produce the same effect, what do you think? As I said in my opening link, I am a first born with no etoh, but definate dysfunction. After all, alcoholism is a dysfunction, and I think its the caregiver role which may lead us in this direction, which may or not be the firstborns role. Great responses. Still trying to get in touch with my lcsw about this. Just wanted to let her know! I would like to see that study that has been mentioned more than once on the thread. Anybody know where to access it?
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Here is a link to a quantitative poll so we can get some numbers:
  8. by   spb1
    Ok - I don't know what etoh is - there, I admitted it. Now I feel better.

    I need a list of all the abbreviations.
  9. by   Multicollinearity
    Quote from spb1
    Ok - I don't know what etoh is - there, I admitted it. Now I feel better.

    I need a list of all the abbreviations.
    etoh = alcohol
  10. by   morte
    ETOH= ethyl alcohol.....the chemical symbol for alcohol is -oh, plus the et- to indicate what kind of
    hm 6 younger than 1/2 sib....etoh abuse in parental unit, but not father...more the peace maker than the caretaker
  11. by   patricelynne
    Hi there: first born in Catholic family with a father who was a "dry drunk" depressive w/ ETOH personality. After he retired he began Zoloft and noone could believe the diff. Mom was a nurse; her father was alcoholic and mother was orphaned at age 13---very hypervigilant. Her mother was a nurse, too but no ETOH in the picture. She had a mother who never recovered from an infant's death and was certifiable as well as brilliant. Grandmother used to tell her girls she never knew a well mother. Sad.
  12. by   82airborne
    1st born male 1 younger brother , etoh single mother who wasnt around much.
  13. by   Me, Myself and I
    First born of my parents...First born grandchild...First yep, that's me...have always taken charge of whatever and yet feel the need to take care of everyone....I come from a whole family of nurses Aunt (last born), Brother (last born), 2nd cuz (last born), Aunt (3rd born), Grandmother (6th born), GGrandmother (last born), GGGrandmother (last born), GGGGrandmother (last born)....and there are five more cuz's....anyway they are all last borns and there is only on alcholic husband (of my grandmother) I am the only first born and my dad is not an mmmm.....not sure I could say she is on the right track. brother 2nd born is an alcoholic and I do go round and round with him well me and my other brother (nurse)....maybe we are nurses b/c we had to take care of him
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