Most consecutive 12's worked in a row? - page 4

I am currently In the middle of a stretch of eight. So what is the most 12 hour shifts you have worked consecutively? One guy at my hospital has done 21 in a row. He just wanted to work after a... Read More

  1. by   skybird52
    There ya go....

    How about working less than half an hour before getting "fried"?
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    The most twelve hour shifts that I will work in a row is three and that is pushing it! I am a zombie on the third day. The last time I worked three twelves in a row, I was soooo tired that I was late for work on the third day!

    Sixty days in a row? That is insane! Sure I want a new house too but I aint gonna kill myself for it! And I certainly don't want to kill any of my patients either!
  3. by   skybird52
    I did not say I worked 60 12-hour shifts in a row!
  4. by   NurseKevin
    I have worked 63 12 hour shifts in a row...

    but then again, I was in the army and was deployed to a combat zone
  5. by   NurseKevin
    adn once back while stateside I did a 23-07, came back did a 15-23, and then came back and did a 07-15 on a friday-saturday-sunday
  6. by   zacarias
    There is a CNA at my hospital who does 16 hours EVERY day of the week. 112 hours a week. I'd love to have his check.
  7. by   DutchgirlRN
    I did 8 x 12 in a row once when I was in my early 30's. I was agency, it was the week between Christmas and New Years, it was all overtime and I could not pass it up. I could not do that now for any amount of money.
  8. by   LPN2RNdude
    i usually do an eight hr shift on friday and 12 hr shifts on sat and sun.... its all i can do to drive hopme after that...... i guess because im going to school all week, too. i did work a 16 hr shift the other day, and for some reason after the first 12 hrs everything got a little easier... wouldnt want to make a habit out of it, tho.
  9. by   leslie :-D
    i didn't count but i did several 16 hr shifts consecutively (around 2 wks). in hindsight i don't know how i did it, and highly doubt i could ever do it again....especially hospice.