1. is money as the incentive for joining the profession directly related to ability to provide quality care?
  2. Poll: can you be a good nurse if money was your incentive for joining the profession

    • has nothing to do with the other

      88.89% 32
    • yes....i likebeing underpaid because i answered a call and that makes me better than you

      5.56% 2
    • it doesnt matter because i just do what they tell me

      2.78% 1
    • whatever everyone else says

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  4. by   thisnurse
    i am so
    the question should read...
    is there a relationship between money as an incentive for joining nursing directly related to ability to provide quality care?

  5. by   Q.
    I became a nurse because I was interested in women's health and Labor and Delivery. I became a nurse because I wanted to be a nurse. I got my BSN so that I wasn't limited to a particular area of nursing and had more opportunities available to me - and because getting a Bachelor's degree was important to me.

    I certainly didn't choose nursing because I expected to retire early. I choose nursing because I LIKE nursing.

    As a result, I think, despite making 16.75/hour, I am a good nurse. Money has nothing to do with my clinical skills or my ability to implement them. If I am reading your question right.
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  6. by   thisnurse
    one of the things that bothers me in this whole issue of our salaries is the mentality of some nurses when it comes to money.
    if someone says they entered nursing because they wanted to make money, they are often attacked for their motivation.
    i see no correlation between motivation for being a nurse and quality of care giving.
    on the thread "what are y'all complaining about"
    the future nurse who posted that she is entering nursing because we make more than teachers was reamed out for her post.
    there were a lot of things that angered me about some of her reasoning but i saw nothing wrong with her wanting to be a nurse because she will make money. i dont think that will make her less of a nurse and i said so.
    a few posts later someone posted they wouldnt want me taking care of them. this is the mentality i am talking about.
    someone said in effect, that i was unable to provide quality care because i see nothing wrong with money as motivation for becoming a nurse.
    this is an underlying theme for some nurses who feel that nursing is a calling.
    im saying that you can provide quality care REGARDLESS of your motivation for becoming a nurse.
    how many times have we not in it for the money...?
    my point is this:
    providing quality care should be the objective of all nurses. it is in essence a job well done.
    we all have different reasons for becoming a nurse but that has nothing to do with a job well done.
    there are so many reasons for choosing a profession. there are many professions that are entered based on the salary. the same nurse who wouldnt want me to care for her would congratulate
    a coworker whos child has chosen to be a stock broker. seems like a double standard to me.

    i see nurses who feel that they have answered a call say that money is not an issue with them. they are very down on nurses who feel that it is.
    money is an issue with most of us.
    maybe ill be satisfied with my salary when other people answer their call to feed me and my children and provide us with housing and all of our other needs.

    nurses who expect to be paid a decent salary are labeled as "greedy" by their OWN KIND and yet they dont see other professionals as greedy. one who becomes a physician for the money is not considered greedy, yet a nurse is?

    i am hoping for the cable company to answer their call to provide me with something i can watch.
    in the meantime, these greedy people expect me to pay them for their services just like everybody else.
  7. by   kaycee
    Money has and always will be a big issue with me. I get very tired of people including administration saying "you do it because you care, you're not in this for the money". I do care but I care about me and my family and yes I care about the money and I think after all these years I make squat. Compared to people in other professions with similar educational background, all the certification and continueing ed I have to have after 26yrs I think I should make more than $22/hr. I obviuosly didn't become a nurse to get rich but I expected to be compensated adequately . As has been stated before you may start out with a pretty good salary but you never really advance much the longer you stay. Especially if you want to stay at the bedside. I am a good nurse regardless of what I get paid because that's me. But believe me I constantly let eveyone know including management where I work that we as nurses are grossly underpaid!!
  8. by   fergus51
    I think money should not be the main reason someone enters nursing or they will be miserable. Now, money combined with a desire to help people and a bladder the size of Texas... I think they'll do fine. I always say I did not take a vow of poverty when I entered nursing school and I hav no trouble telling people that I should be paid what I am worth.
  9. by   donmurray
    I think all the options are tongue in cheek. Most people work to live, rather than live to work. No-one I know in nursing wants any more than a reasonable standard of living. Is that a bad thing?
  10. by   wildtime88
    Thisnurse, kaycee, fergus51, you took the words right out of my mouth.
  11. by   thisnurse
    no its not a bad thing but some nurses would have you believe it is.
  12. by   LilgirlRN
    As with any job, money is a part of it. Would any of us do what we do for no pay? This nurse wouldn't.
  13. by   wildtime88
    I wouldn't do it for free and I wouldn't do it for half pay either. If that makes me a bad nurse then so be it. I guess I just can not afford to be a good nurse in some other's eyes.
  14. by   Q.
    Originally posted by thisnurse
    nurses who expect to be paid a decent salary are labeled as "greedy" by their OWN KIND and yet they dont see other professionals as greedy.
    I think, thisnurse, that a "decent" salary is defined by different people.

    To some, a "decent" salary is AT LEAST six figures.
    To some, a "decent' salary is enough to have a modest home and a modest car.
    To some, a "decent" salary is just enough to pay the bills.

    In a small town in Wisconsin, my step mother in law makes $8/hour packing pickles at a plant. She has health coverage and can pay the bills on her small house. She clips coupons, etc. She considers her salary "pretty decent" for that area. Is she wrong?

    Do you see how a "decent" salary can be interpreted diferently?
  15. by   thisnurse
    absolutely i can see what you are saying.
    $8 might be decent for a pickle packer, but is it decent for an airline pilot?
    how about a doctor?
    is $8 an hour a decent wage for a police officer?
    what about a paramedic?

    even if you take the individual's perception of "decent" into consideration, you can logically see there is no comparison.

    listen, would you agree that as a profession we sell ourselves short?