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I am originally from a small town in southern West Virginia. I have lived away from the area for about 8 years now, but I continue to go back 3-4 times a year to visit family and friends. I have... Read More

  1. by   WillowBrook
    One more thing if you notice signs of depression or other mental illness in a friend or family member, don't ignore it or hope it will sort itself out...make sure you encourage the person to seek professional help. A lot of people who take Meth and other drugs are suffering from some form of undiagnosed or untreated mental illness and the drug use is their way of self medicating.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    Willowbrook has hit the nail on the head in my son's case. He was hospitalized several times in the space of a year when he was 16-17, refused meds, counselling, any intervention at all. It has gone downhill from there but about two years ago he stabilized and was working and doing well.

    In looking back (something dh and I do frequently), I don't know what we could have done differently. For my son, the drugs are a way to cope with his depression.
  3. by   HARRN2b
    Please remember, we are the most depressed society on the planet. We are talking about this in a sociology class that I am taking. We are the most lonely and lost. Even religion does not tend to help. I don't want to get into religion here but in class we discussed Christianity. The normal scenario is that the Christian goes to church on Sunday. They slide into a pew and maybe shake hands when the minister says with the person that is next to them. After church, they leave and go home to their life. My soc teacher said this is part of the problem. Other religions live their life around their particular religion. They have strong family ties. They do not relocate for economic reasons, because frankly, they don't exist. Americans, she said, buy things to make them feel better, but the feeling does not last. She said a car was originally meant to get a person from point A to point B. Now it is used as class warfare. I have a lexus, and you don't mentality. In our local newpaper, there was an article about all the young married couples that are buying 900k houses. The article made it sound that they are better and smarter than the rest of us. I think the nursing profession is just, if not more important. These couples did not have any special type of job. Heck, some of them did not even have a college education. But they were noted as very elite (and smart). Others read these articles and become more depressed as they will never drive a lexus or afford a 900k house. As a last resort, they turn to drugs. It makes them feel better. They can "talk" to strangers more easily, and it basically zones them out. Now, I do not know if this makes any sense or if there is any truth to it, but it made sense to me.
  4. by   HARRN2b

    I just read your post. I am so very sorry!!!! We are having the same problem here with kids. We live in one of the richest counties in this state. Quite frankly, I want to move out of here, but I do not know if that is the answer. I talk to alot of young people. They tell me drugs are prevalent (they are everywhere in the US). The people I have talked to tell me that the kids have so much money and desire to keep up with what I call the jones. Their not really the jones, but you know what I mean. It worries the hell out of me. I, too have my son in sunday school, basketball, ect. BUT....I know he sees these kids driving around in daddies car doing drugs....I am just so worried for the future of all of our kids!!!! God bless you!!!!!!
  5. by   loriannlpn
    Thank you for your candid explanation. Allot of what you said reminded me of people I knew in high school. I have to admit that I "experimented" with some drugs after high school. I still lived with my parents and they knew that I was drinking. On Friday night they would ask, " are you going to be drinking tonight?" I would tell them that If I did I would not be home. 9 out of 10 Friday's I would not return home until late in the afternoon, sleep and get up do it all over again. I did not have a job, I think I was trying to find myself now looking back. I did not have a bottom when it came to drinking. I drank allot and weekends came to be several times a week.

    I personally feel, that my parents saved me by not complaining or threaten me about anything. I was aware of the fact that it was getting out of hand.

    About 19 years old out drinking and partying it up with my "friends" I found my husband. I fell in love with him and I found that alcohol and drugs did not have a place in my life. I have been with him ever since. I am around alcohol frequently to this day. I have no disire to get wasted. I have found that I like to have a clear head. I like the feeling of being in control over the feeling of being out of control. I dont like to be medicated for any medical procedures or illness.

    I would have to say that I appreciate the fact that my parents trusted me enough to do the right thing. If they would have yelled or complained.I could have ended up in a totally diffferent place then I am in now.

    Today in 2006, is a different world. Maybe it is because I have a child, but it seems that children grow up to fast. Hopefully, I am not as hard on my son as I think I am, but I am instilling respect, responsibility and honor in him.

    Thank you for your post's. Have you ever thought about doing public speaking? Your story seems very powerful, you could help people who have lost their way.

    Do you find talking about your experience is a form of therapy?

    Have a blessed day
  6. by   loriannlpn
    My continued thought are with you and your family.
  7. by   CHATSDALE
    tried to post on this thread but the gremlins must have took it

    this is a cancer that is ruining families..causing so many people to have to parent their grandchildren because it is the only place safe for them

    i heard at an inservice that 90% of hard drug users did start with marijuana which is NOT to say that 90% of mj users advamce to hard drugs some of these don't like it or they see the problems that their friends have, some will be happy with an occasional joint
    but the problems with alcohol and with otc cigarettes i wish that their were 'cures' for the craving
    i know of a nurse who the first time i worked with was a normal size person nextt time she looked like a walking skeleton
    friend of the family went into a screaming frenzy at her son when he got into 'her' stash sad if he wanted drugs he had to get out and get his own

    there are many broken hearted family member when they look into the faces of loved ones and see a wasted life
    there are children in foster homes
    may we find an answer to this
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from traumaRUs
    Thanks everyone. Like I said, I truly debated posting to this thread. I so know how hard it is to watch a loved one disintegrate slowly. If nothing else, the compassion that we have for these folks only makes us better people.

    In the ER, I was known as the nurse that would take all the OD's, do all the psych patients, drunks, no matter how obnoxious, dirty, nasty, aggressive, etc. I always said a prayer for these folks because I remembered that it could have just as easily been my son and I would always want someone to care for him with empathy and compassion.

    So...just please remember that these addicts, drunks and mentally ill are someone's brother, sister, son or daughter.
    Thanks for you post. I especially appreciate your last sentence.

    As to why kids try meth, in our local high schools it is a big deal for the football players to use. Along with other athletes. It gets started as a way to get alot of energy to play and then the meth just takes over.

    Ways to tell about meth is mood changes. Suddenly there is anger and lashing out. It isn't your typical adolescent stuff.

    Thanks to the folks who are sharing difficult things here - we all learn from it.

  9. by   all4schwa
    Quote from WillowBrook
    they see a few people who are really confident and happy and full of energy. They find out that these people are taking Meth and then perhaps someone in the group mentions that they know someone's brother who takes Meth to help him study and so he can party all night.
    i've often thought about this way. people look all around them and see 'functioning addicts'. well soandso does it and he's successful, this or that...
    coming from small towns myself, we run rampant. it's cheap and when there is nothing else around, it can be made. around here, we have the problem of having propane that is not cheap and used to keep families warm and anhydrous amonia used by farmers stolen from outside our homes for cooking purposes.
  10. by   mercyteapot
    I've noticed a couple people have mentioned that the meth epidemic began where they live, which is interesting only because we here in Southern CA are also told that it began here! So, clearly there was a groundswell of meth activitiy at the same time in multiple points around the country. Those early participants never even knew what they were getting into, since it always takes society time to catch on to these things.
  11. by   Josh L.Ac.
    Quote from traumaRUs
    So...just please remember that these addicts, drunks and mentally ill are someone's brother, sister, son or daughter.

    One of the best statements I've ever heard on this topic.

    It is easy to make judgements, but I'm sure if we all look back, at some point in our life we intentionally make a risky decision. Most of us are lucky enought to come out unscathed. Some of us aren't.

    I used to do E. There were nights I was completely out of it but still refused other drugs [cocaine, K, meth]. But sometimes I wonder if I would have been offered something some other night if I would have taken it...would that later snowball into something else? I used to pride myself on my fortitude to pick a choice and stick with it - I would do E but nothing else. Funny thing was, whenever I told my friend that was offering something else my decision, almost all of them said they used to think the same thing. Hmm...

    I had a friend at acupuncture school that went on a mission trip to Nepal or Monglolia...I forget which. Anyway, he decided he wanted to try heroin by smoking it while he was there [very long story]. He found a place and tried it. He said it was an amazing night. The next day, when his group was moving out, he noticed there was an oddly high number of white / european men wondering around the village. He noticed that most were dirty, unkept, and rail thin.

    He realized that he was looking at a his possible future. He woke with the desire to try it again and figured that it wouldn't be too dangerous if he did.
    That's probably what those poor folks thought the first time they tried it. And each one of them was a son, a daughter, or something else to somebody far away that probably missed them very much.

    But when we see an addict, it is easy to judge because it makes us feel better.

    "I would never get to the point where I have to drink in the morning."
    "I would never smoke cigarrettes if I had a lung disease."
    "I would never break into my grandma's house, steal her family china, and pawn it for meth money."

    Most of the time, we are probably right...we would never do these things! But I bet there is something else that we would do that somebody else would decry as foolish.

    Oh, and yes, I also do this. I discriminate against those that make excuses for being obese. I can justify my distaste for their lack of willpower with statistics and logic...

    Which is why I need to remember this: "just please remember that these addicts, drunks and mentally ill are someone's brother, sister, son or daughter."
  12. by   WVUturtle514
    Quote from mercyteapot
    I've noticed a couple people have mentioned that the meth epidemic began where they live, which is interesting only because we here in Southern CA are also told that it began here! So, clearly there was a groundswell of meth activitiy at the same time in multiple points around the country. Those early participants never even knew what they were getting into, since it always takes society time to catch on to these things.

    I read on the DEA website that the meth epidemic actually began in Hawaii, and Hawaii still has the highest rate of meth users. However, it has gradually worked its way thousands and thousands of miles across to the east coast, all the while destroying lives along the way.
  13. by   blueheaven
    I too am from WV and it is everywhere. My daughter recently lost her best friend to drugs (22 yr old). I go home several times a year and it is the same way in the western part of the state too. Where are you from in S. WVa?