Medical Workers wearing scrubs to and from work, outside the Hospital, etc..

  1. New York Daily News
    Tuesday Oct. 17th 2006
    -Barbara M. Simpson writes:

    I have bben wondering if there is now a rule that persons who work in the medical field, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. can wear their uniforms in the streets, on the buses and on the trains.

    Aren't they required to wear regular clothes to work and then change to their uniforms and change back after they have completed their tour of duty?

    Every day you see white uniforms, blue uniforms [scrubs] in the post office, in the stores, in the banks, in restaurants, on the streets. That kind of behavior is unsanitary."

    I happen to agree, what do you guys think? I admit, I've been guilty of this as a student, after following the lead of my health care profession colleagues. But I realize I was wrong in doing so, & I'm willing to change. I always see scrubs on the trains, and we were taught in school to change once we get to the hospital & when we leave. Why do many of us do it? I believe we can do better as health care professionals.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Yesterday I worked a 6am to 2pm shift at my workplace, then immediately drove to my local community college to attend classes. I wore my scrubs to class for reasons related to convenience. These were the same scrubs I wore at work. I know I really shouldn't wear my scrubs in public, but it is difficult attempting to balance full-time school with full-time employment.
  4. by   Halinja
    Our school requires us to show up in scrubs. Our first year we were told to walk in our back doors when we get home and peel off our scrubs in the laundry room before doing anything else.

    The nurses I see arriving at the hospitals are in their scrubs. The floors that we are on seldom have anywhere that you would be able to change, except hauling your stuff into the bathroom, which isn't very sanitary either.

    I can see the point of changing at the hospital, but the hospital would have to provide some sort of changing area, with places to keep your clothes safe.
  5. by   TazziRN
    I wear my scrubs to and from. Always have since I had to start buying my own. Years ago when the hospital provided them I changed there, but not after that.
  6. by   zolly786
    when they supply me with scrubs (like or, par, ldr) and provide me with a place to change that isn't a creepy scary place...then i'll happily arrive at the hospital in street clothes.

    until then, i'm going to wear my uniforms to work.

    the only place i'll go on the way home is the gym- there i change as soon as i get there (obviously, heh) and then i wear my workout clothes home.
  7. by   miko014
    Quote from TazziRN
    I wear my scrubs to and from. Always have since I had to start buying my own. Years ago when the hospital provided them I changed there, but not after that.
    Yep. As long as I'm buying them, I'll wear them. I usually go straight to and from, and I of course change (and shower!) right away when I get home. But if I need to stop and pick something up on the way home, I'll wear my scrubs. I know it's not that sanitary, but think about it this way - all those people you are taking care of go out in public too...or at least most of them do, and if they don't, then the people who take care of them do...
  8. by   daisey_may
    i don't think that it could be forced to wear only to and from work...maybe to work, but not from.

    A few years ago a couple of nursing students who attend the college I go to decided to go to the gambling boats after clinicals...without changing out of their uniforms. Needless to say, it was not taken lightly.
  9. by   destiny5
    In my perfect hospital has uniforms available, private showers for employees,a gym, saunas & jacuzzi's. Our patients think it's a hotel why can't we?
  10. by   valifay
    When I worked at a nursing home we wore our scrubs to work, no big deal. They came off first thing when I got home and I hit the shower too! I still wear scrubs to and from work, but I also work in the OR, so we are required to wear thier scrubs while on duty and if we leave the department we have to wear a cover gown and if we go outside then we have to change everything before entering the department. I think its more common to see people out running errands and such after work in scrubs because it is convienent. You also have to consider that alot of people who hold clerical positions in the medical field also have to wear scrubs, so they really aren't carrying too many germs around with them since they have very little patient contact.
  11. by   widi96
    I wear my scrubs to school and then to my evening shift at the hospital. I'm kind of with the other person who said . . these are the same people out on the street. Now, I don't know any nurse who would continue to wear "dirty" scrubs even while at work. If we were changing a dressing and things got messier than planned, we are allowed to sign out a pair of loaner scrubs. If it is acceptable to go from room to room (while washing hands in between) with immunosuppressed patients - then why can't the rest of the world deal with it?
  12. by   dream'n
    I wonder kind of world Barbara Simpson lives in, "if there is now a RULE that persons who work in the medical field, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. can wear their uniforms in the streets, on the buses and on the trains. " Oh please give me a break! We are not 'old-time lepers.' Doesn't she realize the germs she is exposed to in public? Perhaps she should wear gloves when she goes out of her house. Her life must be pretty good if this is her big concern. By the way, most nurses want to get them off as soon as possible. Scrubs really aren't high fashion. Perhaps she needs to get a life and quit worrying so much about other people.
  13. by   cheshirecat
    We have nowhere to change out of our uniforms at work. Also, we have to launder our uniforms at home, so I always wear my uniform to/from work. I travel by car, and would only go straight from home to work and vice versa.

    Back in the old days when I was a student we where issued with 9 uniforms and the hospital did your laundry for you. It was a sackable offence to be caught out of hospital grounds in your uniform (except for escort duties).

    They do not enforce this rule now, as it is cheaper only to supply us with 4 uniforms and get us to wash them. I do not think infection control comes into it.
  14. by   NoMoreStudying
    I will run errands in them. I'm no more germy than anyone else. Even negative air flow rooms vent the TB-infested air to the outside world.

    There is a guy who come to my gym in his denim scrubs. I hate nothing more than to see him on the elliptical working up a sweat in those things.