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A nurse passes mediations this way: Takes medication out of drawer or cart. Verify 5 rights Signs the medication sheet. Passes the medication If pt refuses or does not take, waste or refusal... Read More

  1. by   Antikigirl
    I have done the sign as I despense, and if a pt declines I circle the sign and document in the RN notes and back of the MAR why.

    I found that that was much better than having a pt take them and me forgetting to go back and sign for it, which I have done before. For some reason because I had to document declinations I remembered to circle my initials at that time and knew I had to go to the chart too...much better system for me than leaving holes I could forget to initial because something came up and distracted me.

    But this was back in the day where the MARs were huge binders in an assisted living area and not to be taken from the carts. Now I take my MAR with me now that I work in hospital! But I still sign as I despense so I know what is in that cup! (we have I am not despensing in the room).

    I like the dot idea!!!!!!
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  2. by   Kashia
    Pleasr refer to post #1 on this thread
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  3. by   GardenDove
    That's how I do it. In nursing school they told us to never sign before hand, but I don't think that's as safe. For instance, if you are then called into another room, you might neglect to sign, then someone else following you can think you didn't give it. I always sign right before giving the med, and most people I know do the same.
  4. by   Lacie
    I always signed when getting the meds out and taking to the patient. If refused or not given for any reason then I would come back to circle then document in my charting why it was held. I'm more than likely not going to miss getting it circled as I it has to be charted in my nursing notes also. So no I dont believe that is negligent to sign before the patient actually ingest the medication as long as you have removed, prepped it and are in route to the patient with the meds at that time. Same with narcotics, I sign that out soon as I take it out rather than forget and end up wondering when the count ends up off. I've seen more mistakes made by not signing soon as that narc leaves the drawer.
  5. by   Boston-RN
    can I ask....what part of it do you feel is negligence?

    I think that's how most if not all places do it
  6. by   Lacie
    Sorry to come back on this but didnt you post this same question previously? Just found it here lol.
  7. by   RunningWithScissors
    Pull your facility's medication administration policy.

    If you are following it, you need not worry about being negligent.

    Our policy states you take the MAR to the bedside and initial each med after it is given, which is what I do. Like I said, if you follow the policy, you're safe....that is, unless you're not looking at hold parameters and the like.
  8. by   TazziRN
    Quote from MAnurseHopeful
    can I ask....what part of it do you feel is negligence?

    I think that's how most if not all places do it
    I don't think it's negligence, but it is charting a task before it's done.
  9. by   sirI
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  10. by   Boston-RN
    That's how I was taught in school, that's how it's done at the facility I work at

    check - rt pt, med, dose, route, time, sign....give and if refused or and be done......