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Has anyone else ever worked with LTC residents that were on a lot of pain medications but it was not clear why they were being given them regularely? I hope I worded that right...I'll explain... ... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    We have to balance pain control with safety issues and side effects. It can be a tough job. To relieve/control someone's pain they may become woozy, fall risk, etc. which increases risk for the facility.

    I am very glad to see the new laws on pain control issues, as it has been neglected too long. And too many people still have misconceptions and bad attitudes regarding pain.

    Good thread and good posts all.
  2. by   Dr. Scully
    I agree that this is a great thread to discuss. One that is only getting worse. I have always believed in the patient when they say they are in pain. I have come across the usual "drug seekers"but; try to put my feelings and opinions to myself. I have worked in many areas from hospitals, LTC, to Hospice. I have even had to educate doctors on basic pain control!! I read where the physician receives only about 2 hrs in his or her studies in med school!! I, too, have chronic pain and I am made to feel like I would "abuse" pain medication when I ask for it in the physician's office. I think so much harm is done with the news programs which frequently talk badly about abuse of pain meds, the horrors of oxycontin, etc. Many good doctors are put in a bind by having their "controlled substance" records reviewed. Some have been arrested. Where will it end?? I also pray that when I need some pain meds; that the dr. will believe me and not think I am drug seeking. Education seems to be the key; but, will our society's idea of pain meds change??
  3. by   BillArnold1961
    It seems to me that if the majority of nurses are for pain control, we could eventually change the minds of narrow-minded nurses and doctors if only we would speak up when confronted with the situation. We need to be more agressive with our opinions like the ones that put pain control where it is now. Just a thought.
    Thanks for reading,
  4. by   Token Male
    Token Males - Nurse Maid, Yes married nurses with 2 unforgiving children who pity every 2 nurse family - for lack of sympathy - NOT only in the Pain Area.
    WHAT is PAIN ? a perceivded discomfort ? ; complete and utter agony ? ; anticipation of either of these and every feeling inbetween.
    I think far too often pain / discomfort is actually totally overlooked in the Aged Care Field. Gizzy we've all (if we've been nursing long enough) experienced clients in LTC that exhibit similar traits - perhaps 'our' comments / attitide / bodylanguage instill in clients preconceived perseptions too. I'm sure when I'm working ND I'm FAR more amiable at 0100hrs than I am at 0500hrs - by then I'm in pain and I don't even feel it - not physically anyway.
    Blame Token Male for my input - he knows my passion / addiction - apart from Chocolate - the Internet
  5. by   adrienurse
    Yes the list of medication seems excessive, but why would the person NOT have pain following hip surgery? I had hip surgery 15 years ago and I live with pain every day. I may not take narcotics for it, but that's not to say that others may not need them.