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Hi, This is my first post. I received my letter Monday accepting me into the LPN program at a school 40 miles away. I am sooo excited that I am telling everyone. But, when I tell them it is for... Read More

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    Quote from mattsmom81
    Yup I hear ya. I was a LPN who worked her way through RN school, it wasn't easy and not everyone can swing it.

    Sadly there are those BSN proponents who would just as quickly do away with you (and me also as 'just' a diploma RN.) Recognition of the value and contribution of all of us seems lost on these types, and too many delight in elitism and actively propogate it in the workplace.

    I still remember being told as a new grad diploma RN (by snobby BSNs from the local uni) that very soon I would be the only one passing bedpans and she, the educated BSN who was soooo much better than me, would be ordering me to do it. The local BSN program was actively pushing this agenda. (This was 28 yrs ago and it ain't happened yet by the way.

    Don't let the turkeys get ya down...they're out there everywhere it seems.
    Amen Mattsmom81!!
    My favorite LPN instructor was in the first graduating class of the very first ADN graduates in our state in 1972. They were told to keep going and get their BSN's because they would soon be phased out and become "technicians" of some sort and that the "ADN experiment" would not last.
    I graduated from LPN school in 1997 and RN school (ADN) in 2003 and I'm still not a technician.