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Hi I have been teaching since april and had to fail my first student last week. She did not pass the clinical portion. She would leave people wet not wash them when changing ect. When she was told... Read More

  1. by   fgoff
    I had some similar threats years ago. late night hang-ups, had to change my #, car keyed, tires slashed... You are right to be alarmed. I could no tprove who was doing any of it, however..I got special permission to park nearer to my office, security was alerted and would walk me out after night classes. I would only go out if I was with someone else... JUst some safety practices. I carried mace (against the school policy but I didn't care at the point) but only for a few weeks.Better students come along and the fear will fade.

    Since you know the id of this person. Please speak with the police to see what charges can be filed. Bullies should not be tolerated at any level. Send them a message the school should support you. IMHO I hope she was dimissed from the school not just the nursing program.

    Be stong & don't let this get you down. If you get affraid in a store again you might try going to the main isle or the service desk to be close to other people until it passes. It will pass!!!
  2. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry this has happened to you! I echo the above posters with get an order of protection.

    If you are still having panic attacks, please seek some help via the EAP at your workplace.
  3. by   grace90
    Could a security guard at the school escort you to/from your car possibly?
  4. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from clee1
    Think about carrying a large-caliber handgun!
    Terrific...just what this country needs. More people packing.

    You do know that research has borne out consistently that people who carry firearms are more likely to have their weapons used against them, don't you?

    To the OP: Get a PFA and file assault charges. Save any messages she leaves; those can be used against her too.
  5. by   dorieabsLPN
    She has a letter to the board of nursing from the owner of the company I work for. She can never obtain a license in nh from the board of nursing. The police came that night and she is charged with criminal mischief for breaking the phone. The police told us that since we dont know she intentionally hit us with the door that we couldnt charge her with battery. and her saying she is going to kill us we can charge her with assault. Of course in my area they have had 7 stabbings in the last week so our case is on the back burner. I teach in a building till 11pm no security guard. Did call for police escort called 45 minutes before we were leaving. 1 hour went by no police so that didnt work either. I am looking into a restraining order. My work is just like oh nothings going to happen dont worry still teach the classes. Ithank you all for answering me.
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