Let's Go Back in Time....

  1. Where were you when you got your acceptance letter to nursing school? How did you feel?

    The year was 1984. I had come upstairs from checking my mailbox in the dorm at Memphis State, opened the letter and said "YES!!!". I was on my way to my life career. I called my folks and they said congratulations, we knew you would make it! A few days later, I got a card from my high school principal saying she was proud and looked forward to seeing the "RN" behind my name. I still have the acceptance letter and card to this day!

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  3. by   bhart
    Don't remember, however, I do remember when I got my test results in the mail. I was terrified to look, so I sat on the back porch and stared at the envelope, until my friend came over and said, "duh, the envelope is addressed to b hart RN!!!! - I had completely blocked that part out!
  4. by   LasVegasRN
    Oh yeah, Board results. I took my boards in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. My hometown. Went back to Toledo where my parents had moved and waited for the results. And waited. And waited. And waited.... 8 weeks later WAITING
    Everyone else had received their passing results letter. Someone said, people who failed get their notices much later.
    One day when no one except me and my dog were at home, I sat on the bed, kleenex in hand, and called the board. "WE MAILED OUT YOUR RESULTS WEEKS AGO, YOU PASSED."


    My results were literally lost in the mail, I didn't get the actual envelope until 4 months later - it had postmarks from 5 different states!!
  5. by   jefccu
    If you pass boards in my home state they send you your license as well as your letter, I got a business size envelope in the mail with the appropriate return address for the state board and started to panic. After a few hours and a few drinks I opened it to find out that the state board was having computer problems and instead of an official license sent me a notarized letter declaring my passing! Scared the dung out of me!
  6. by   KaraLea
    I remember that I was the first out of our class to take the boards, but the second to get my license. It came the day after Thanksgiving.
  7. by   cargal
    I remember I had my children say over and over "My mother is a nurse, my mother is a nurse". When I was in nursing school they once sent a note in my lunch with a red cross and blue shield. I was and am proud to be called RN.
  8. by   ChristenLPN
    My boards were awful, totally not what I expected- only 80 questions and at least 75 on cultural concerns (Do Muslims eat ham? etc). I was certain I failed. My parents were visiting me when my results came in and my mom opened the letter for me. I literally felt light-headed until she got all teary and said, "Sweetheart, we are so proud of you!" What a moment.
  9. by   live4today
    I was accepted into the nursing program while sitting in the Nursing Advisor's office.

    I was at home when the letter came letting me know I passed boards! I was so relieved even though I knew in my gut that I had passed the day I completed my boards. Something just told me that I was a future RN!
    Hey LasVegasRN, I'm in Toledo!

    Hmmmm... I think I was also in an advisor's office. I remember racing home in a terrible storm, nearly killing myself, to get home and tell everyone the news.

    It was 2 weeks to the day I took boards that I received my results. I was jumping up and down in front on my little mailbox center (I lived in an apartment at the time). My poor mailman put up with 2 weeks of me badgering him, and then some pretty bizarre ritualistic dances and chants when I got that big white envelope!

  11. by   sharann
    I had just come home from an ultrasound and found out that I was miscarrying twins (I had no idea about the twins part). I was 12 weeks pregnant. I was so sad, then saw an envelope from the RN program I had been on the waiting list for (for a year). I opened it an cried. I still don't know if I was happy at being accepted finally, or just crying from the emotional day I had.
    Well, I went,then passed my boards, now here I am...a nurse for 2 years this month! That day is forever etched in my memory as a hoorible day with some good news attached. Weird huh?
  12. by   Rustyhammer
    I remember taking the boards. It was in the Tacomadome with all the other candidates in the state. The test lasted 2 days and there we sat with the test and 3 #2 pencils. We werent allowed to wear any jewerly except for a wedding band. We could not go to the bathroom unescorted. If we were late, they would lock the doors and we would have to wait 6 months for the Spring testing. By the time it was all over I had no idea if I had passed or not. The first people in my class started getting their licenses about 7-8 weeks after the test. I was one of the last to recieve mine and was sweating it out.
    LOL....I hear the boards are much easier now.
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Hey LasVegasRN, I'm in Toledo!

    OMG!! Toledo was very very good to me, got my start at Toledo Hospital as a clinical assistant right when I was accepted to Nursing school. Back then, they let students work as assistants and the nurse manager was GREAT! Even though I was going to school in Tennessee, she kept me as per diem and I could work school breaks. Worked there as per diem through nsg school, then as a full-time grad nurse, and then as RN. Great place. My folks are still there, but retiring here to Vegas..
    Originally posted by LasVegasRN
    OMG!! Toledo was very very good to me, got my start at Toledo Hospital
    OMG!!! I work at Toledo Hospital!!!!! hahaha! How cool!