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Who the heck designs uniforms? I don't want to look "sexy" when i go to work but a little bit of style would look nice. Uniforms all look the same (hence the name i suppose) but they all have the... Read More

  1. by   thisnurse
    ok now im ticked! lol
    they have some really cute things at tafford. check out the glow in the dark pants...AWESOME!!!
    i would love those. i still cant get into those capri pants tho...they look like flood pants to me...but at least THEY have uniforms that are different. unfortunately, i cant wear any of them because the ones i like are not white and the prints i like are not "approved" dernit!
    that denim warm up is sooooo nice.

    wild...just wear those scrub pants backwards...lol
  2. by   prmenrs
    All I can suggest is to lobby for some changes in the dress code! Get a catalog and take it in--pretty soon others will want changes, too. Wear 'em down!!
  3. by   RNforLongTime
    I have purchased things from Tafford before-uniform pants to be exact as I like the cuffed bottom kind. Life Uniform is waaay too expensive! Check out Lydia's Professional Uniforms--I'm not sure what the website is though. They have nice stuff too!
  4. by   Magicat
    We own a Uniform Shoppe and we order from Crest, Peaches, and Angelica. We are working on Cherokee next. These companies provide several tailored styles, which we can buy wholesale and mark up 150%...most stores mark up 4-600%!!! Anyone interested in looking at our stuff, I can send you our catalogs in the mail if you email me at cravensm@southwind.net

    I personally am horizontally and vertically gifted....6ft 1in and 250+ lbs and am a woman. I find many uniforms that fit, from these companies, and look nice also.

    Would LOVE a pair of the flares, just NOT white

    MagiCat BSN RN
  5. by   a54flo
    While we are talking about uniforms, how about those scrubs that are provided by the hospital? Ill-fitting, torn, faded and wrinkled. How does this attire enhance our professionalism? We look like we just rolled out of the hay. And of course on my unit (labor/deliver/postpartum) everyone; HUCS, RN, LPN, CNA wear the same scrubs. The patients never know who is who. It is just a sea of rumpled blue uniforms. Of course the NUMBER of people looks impressive.....until you find out that of the 11 or 12 people only 5-6 are RN's!
  6. by   thisnurse
    you can expect and email from me!!!! Thanks!
    i had the NICEST lab coat by Peaches. My damn pen leaked. Cherokee is good too.
    I will NEVER go to Life Uniforms again. I got a gift certificate for them once and everything was so expensive.(one scrub top-$28).
    I spent half of it and couldnt find anything else I wanted. They would only give me the rest back in a certificate, no cash. What a bunch of crap!
  7. by   night owl
    I tried those capri pants and they fit me like regular pants perfectly! Didn't have to use stitchwichery at all! I usually wear the cuffed pants so that I don't have to hem anything...There is a God!
  8. by   kaylynn
    You might want to take a look at www.scrubsonline.com

    They list dozens of companies with many different styles of scrubs, uniforms and lab coats. I even found some sites listed there where they make their own scrubs/jackets for you (there were some cool Hawaiian prints). Maybe you could contact one of these companies and request something a little different. I saw one site where the leave the legs unhemed so you can do it yourself and get it just right.

    Good luck.
  9. by   bigdogs
    At least female nurses have a vast choice of styles to choose from.
    Try finding uniforms as a male nurse.
    My preference is cargo pants. However, since I don't wear a lab coat I tend to put everything in my cargo pockets. Every brand I've seen so far comes only with a draw string and let me tell you draw strings just don't cut it when you load down the cargo pockets.
    I would love to find a pair of cargo pants with belt loops.
    So here comes the big dilemma.........WHITE Uniforms.......
    That is what is dictated by our VP of Patient Services. She firmly believes that white is the only color for nurses and anything else is unprofessional.
    Now try finding something for men in white that has cargo pockets and belt loops.
  10. by   DAB
    Wow, I thought I'd find a wholesale price on foley catheters here! (As a female the texas catheter wouldn't work for me but believe me after going 13 hours without using the bathroom, I have considered a foley.) But getting back to the uniforms, have you looked at Dove uniforms. They're available on line and have great pockets that would hold about everything you need on a shift.
  11. by   prmenrs
    Do you have a web address for Dove Uniforms? Thanks
  12. by   DAB
    The internet site for Dove is:


  13. by   rachaelm4
    Hi. The website for lydia's uniforms iswww.lydiasuniforms.com