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  1. mud


    Hi there. I have not been on the site all summer. I hope you are alright. I don't know what to say really. I know I have made a couple of careless moves.........I could be you......Please let us know how you are. Kim
  2. Hi there. First I would like to say hi to everybody out there. I have not logged on to the site in months.... I have now been in the OR for one year........I love it. I miss my patient contact that I had on the surgical floor I worked before, but not enough to go back. I mostly want to comment on the fear you have of the people who will be precepting you to a position in the OR. I heard all the same horror stories that you have. In my experience, it does take a strong person to go to the OR. The folks that orientated me are all very strong personalities. I don't mean that in a bad way. They are passionate about what they do. There is a lot of orientation involved in this job. Do NOT go to the OR if you are not sure you are up for the challange. If you show a lack of interest, you are toast. Nobody likes somebody who calls leaning on a wall "orientating". Get in there. Scrub in, even if just to fiddle with things. Ask questions. Lots of questions. OR nurses love to teach. Try to keep in mind that everybody there is especially good at something, and you can learn from them...... I learn something everyday. I am rewarded everyday by comments on how far I have come...............good luck
  3. mud


    How absolutely frightening for you. I have no idea what to say, except that I am so sorry. I too was stuck with a needle. It was my own fault. I was new, and as a new scrub nurse in an emerg. c-section, I felt rushed, and was careless with an 18 guage needle. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you, as I am sure the thoughts of all those who read your post...........Kim
  4. mud

    Sammy what happened? Been worrying about you

    Hope you are doing okay............
  5. You know what?? We are a bunch of nurses. We work our butts off for way less than we are worth.......do we sound like people who generally take part in get rich schemes..?
  6. mud


    I think it is great that you are having such a positive experience in you job. My boyfriend is a male RN. He would not likely ever venture to L&D. It is too bad, because I am sure he would be wonderful there. I know when I was in school, it was always a problem for the guys in my clinical groups. Women were nervous, they were nervous. One time, a pt. in labour knew the one guy in the group, and almost lost it that he may have seen her in stir-ups before they recognized each other!! As long as you are good at what you do, it shouldn't matter your gender. Take care, Kim
  7. mud

    scared and alone...need advice...please

    I feel so terrible for you. You sound so frightened. No matter what has happened, you are only human. I am sure, just by reading what you have written, that you are a very kind, and caring nurse.....I am sure that others are aware of this as well....don't give up, this too shall pass.
  8. mud

    Nurses prayer

    You can be sure that you and your family are in my thoughts, and my prayers, god bless
  9. mud


    Good for you Wildtime. What you have written is way too true. We can really be a pathetic breed can't we? mud [This message has been edited by mud (edited March 26, 2001).]
  10. mud

    tattle tell

    I must say. I agree with Wildtime(and I haven't always!) This nasty ***** has got to go down. A hard thing to do without being caddy, and as pathetic as her.....Set her up, let her bury herself....Wish I could see it!! Best of luck to you, you deserve it!! mud [This message has been edited by mud (edited March 26, 2001).]
  11. mud

    Having your water turned off

    When I worked on the floors, we could eat at the desk. In fact, there was almost always a basket, or chocolates from pts. I carried my drink on the med card.......What a lame rule that is. Mind you, I remember a weird story. One night, a couple of girls made popcorn, the smell went down the hall, and would you believe there was a pt. who rang, she was allergic to popcorn, no kidding. I guess the smells of some things can also be nauseating, and a tease to those who can't eat d/t NPO status........
  12. mud

    Angels of Mercy

    Deedee, loved your story. I have two particular stories that I want to share. During my training, in my L&D rotation, I shared in a very sad situation. Firstly, my teacher did not want me to care for this pt. initially, she thought it too sad for a student. I wanted, at the time to be a Midwife someday, so decided I could handle it. I was only 18 at the time. My pt. was a middle 30's mom to be, and her family, consisting of her husband, 13 yr. old daughter, and 10ish year old son. My pt. was 7 months along, and the baby stopped moving. She was told the child had died. You can imagine this family coming in to be induced.......I can still see them all holding hands. Her labour was very intense, terrible really, and all for what? She delivered a tiny, perfect looking son. It was so heart breaking. The nurse and I cleaned the baby up, having to be so gentle, because his skin would rub off with each small wipe. We bundled his little self up, carefully placing his head in a little blue knit hat. The familly took him, named him, held him, discussed him......by now I was gone down the hall to give them some time and have a bit of a breakdown. I learned alot that day though, don't regret it a bit. My teacher, bless her soul, gave me a huge hug, and cried with me. They were such a wonderful, strong family, I admired their courage. The second story comes from my days as a nursing home RN. I was in a small town. Everybody I cared for was special to somebody I knew. The residents were very well cared for, and loved. My favourite resident, well, one of them, was Ruthie. Ruthie had dementia, and was the cutest little confused lady in the world. She loved to laugh, but when she did, it was a race to get her to the bathroom, she also had a weak bladder. Luckily, she had a family who cared about her a great deal. There was always a bottle of rum, so she could have the occ. drink. She loved that. Ruthie and I used to sing together, especially "You Are My Sunshine". In her last days(she fell, broke her hip, and never came back to us really), I used to drizzle her a bit of rum with a straw, and sing to her. Occ. she would sing back.......She had lead such a hard life, you know, the only girl out of 9 kids, took care of everbody, etc.....Before her mind had failed she was a huge women's rights activist, and very busy in the community.....I am a better person for having known her.
  13. mud

    All Nurses Read This

    1- RN 2- 6 3- Ontario,Canada 4- fairly 5- part-time, have none 6- yes 7- yes 8- mostly 9- we have one 10- yes 11- no 12- we get our breaks as per usual. one in the am, one in the pm, in an 8hr day. Also onr half hour lunch, not paid 13- days, occ. eves and weekends. When on call, work at anytime 14- most if not all, unless he was working(also a nurse) 15- we have a union, i am glad 16- you have to do what you have to do, based on the situation 17- Not really
  14. I am sure glad to hear that. You must realize though, we all took your posting the same way, so....... We young nurses need the support of the seasoned ones. You have alot to offer. Please be kind!!
  15. Thanks Heather!! I did my best. It is people like that who drive young people away from the profession...I should know, I am one of those young people, and have had my fair share of dealing with this crap!!! Enough is enough!!
  16. Some folks are sure bitter!! Eat any young lately?? Students.......Remember, this is not 20 years ago, times have changed!!! You are lucky to have this and other sites to come to for advice!! The real world is way different than any text book I ever had to study from!!! "REALNURSE", by the way, love your title, mine is "MUD". Glad I don't work with you!!! I never have written anything like this before, but you are a real sad specimen!! I seem to remember being encouraged to ask questions. Even being told that no question was stupid!!! Do all young nurses a favour, don't ever precept!! I am sure you are a superior nurse, with tons of knowledge and experience, too bad that nobody ever tought you how to share!!!