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Normally, I have moments where I am down, but I tend to perk myself up. Maybe I never hit that happy elation, but I certainly hardly ever feel depressed. The past couple of days have just been... Read More

  1. by   nialloh
    Congratulations kimmi, this is your day that you worked hard for. Don't let the others drag you down, have a fun day and enjoy yourself.

  2. by   nursenatalie
    It really is a shame that people have to try to ruin your acheivements. My suggestion is to plow on...you are at the point of self-actualizing. Regardless of how those people treat you, wont change the wonderful accomplishments you have made. Find some friends who have some self esteem and enjoy your new job! Take time to put things in perspective, Congratulations
  3. by   kimmicoobug

    What is (o)? I have never heard of this.

    Natalie, I have been doing a lot of thinking. All of this info has really just occured over the last 48 hours. Kind of shell shock. It got me very down, but like other periods in my life, I just pointed out my good qualities to myself and that I do deserve this AND that I have other good friends that I love.

    I think what I learned, especially, is that for one, NO ONE from class knows about my accomplishments...ever, because of the competitive spirits. Maybe, I shouldn't be too forthcoming with friends, either....except you guys, of course.
  4. by   PowerPuffGirl
    Congratulations on your graduation and your achievements, and don't let anyone rain on your parade!!!

  5. by   blue280
    Kimmi, you should be very proud of what you accomplished! I agree that there is a high degree of jealousy and insecurity with your friends and maybe with hubby too. I just graduated in December and i actually threw my own party after the boards because, by God, I earned it! Good luck to you,congrats and I'm sure you are going to do well in your new career!
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Kimmi - congrats kiddo!!! You did a great job and have a lot to be proud of. Your new co-workers are ssooooo lucky!!!
  7. by   zacarias

    This is Zach. I'm sorry that your friends acted this way. It sounds like you and Friend B will be OK. Friend A worries me. You have excelled in nursing school and this is evident by your grades and the praise that you have received from faculty; It really means so much when faculty takes the time to tell you how proud they are of you.
    I'm sorry your mother won't be there and I sure hope your husband makes it back in time. He needs to know how important this is for you.
    Despite all these recent negative things, I hope that when the time comes, you can be superlatively proud of your accomplishments when you graduate. School, papers, clinicals, skills lab, tests, and late nights....they were all about YOU making it to the end. You have my dear, and I really want you to feel all the joy that you deserve come graduation as you reflect on how far you've come.
    Friend A may not be who you thought she was, but just know that seeking to be all that you can be is never a crime, and always the goal.

  8. by   jemb
    Kimmi, congratulations on your accomplishments. Enjoy your graduation.

    As for the other part, I wouldn't call friend "A" a friend. And friend "B" may have been picking up on your mood and felt that you may have not cared about going out with her. Would that be possible? If so, call her and invite her out for an evening while hubby is away.

    BTW, same thing for hubby's decision. You did say you told him it was his decision whether to go fishing or to your graduation. If you didn't tell him that you would like for him to see you graduate, and gave him the impression that it really didn't matter, you shouldn't be upset that he made the other choice.

    I know, I know... it's too hard sometimes to tell people what we really want. We want to seem "fair" and all. But if we don't say what we want, we probably won't get it!
  9. by   nursebucky
    Kimmi, forget alllll of them. Its time to move on and get ready to meet new friends.

    I have no comment on the husband, but it sounds as if he needs some much needed attention and ego stroking.

    Kimmi, instead of feeling down, go somewhere and treat YOURSELF, don't wait on others to make you feel good about you.
    I have a friend who told me she is destined to be nothing and that she was jealous of me going into the nursing program.

    I am competitive and I agreed with her and said that it did seem as if she would be nothing. She shut up after that.
  10. by   Mkue
    One chapter closes, another begins.. CONGRADULATIONS. you must be so PROUD !
  11. by   RN2007
    Kimmicoobug, Congrats on all of your accomplishments because you deserve it!!! You have some mean and jealous friends who have issues of their own. So sad.... As far as the so called RN friend telling you to maybe try to get a job somewhere else, I really think she has her own agenda and I would not rely on anything she says, however it is good you heard it from the horses mouth and she really sounds like one, lol. And, when you start working there and if you sense there is a lot of anger about your being hired, at least you will know a little bit what this is about. If the other employees seem to be upset about your being hired for whatever reason, well too bad for them, but if it continues for too long it will become an uncomfortable place to work. I got a job many years ago in a supervisory non-nursing job that the other employees who worked there did not like the fact that I was replacing a person who had been in that position a very long time and seemed to be everyones friend. Anyway, I found out this only after I got hired and the situation really got intolerable and I gave it 6 months before I threw up my hands and said heck with it and found a different job that I enjoyed and that did not come with a bunch of employees who were riddled with their own issues they could not get over. Bottomline, be positive like you sound you are, do a great job like you sound like you will do, give your new job a chance, and watch your back, but if after a while you have a gut feeling that you hate that job and that it was a mistake, then find another job first and get out without burning any bridges with management. I cannot stand petty people, they are soooo "little" , have low self esteem, and really suck!!