Lazy Student Nurse Preceptors! - page 11

I am furious over my most recent clinical experience. I'm in my last semester of school and graduating in May. Our school waits until 4th semester to learn IV's. Well, the "goals" for this... Read More

  1. by   gizzy76
    When I was in my final practicum last fall my preceptor tried to teach me things but it was so busy in the ER sometimes that I was an extra pair of hands available to them (i.e. free labor). It really made me feel resentful when I had stated clearly that I wanted to learn more about cardiac conditions and monitors and the minute something interesting came up on the monitor or with a patient, I was sent to grab the commode or urinal for a little old lady or man in the next cubicle. I expressed a few times how I felt like the "queen of pee". I did not find it fair at all that I possibly lost out. How strange that my preceptor was ill for a couple nightshifts and I learned loads from the other nurses that I was paired up with on those nights. They photocopied information on reading EKG's for me and even taught me some of the basics to get started. I also didn't feel inadequate when I was around them. They listened to me and let me practice in order to learn.