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  1. Tonight was my last night in LTC. Had exit interview and told HR exactly how I felt about the way I was treated. Also sent a letter to the administrator. Do you think this was right? Just wanted him to hear my side. Still waiting to hear from Hospital about new job I want in Med- Surg. Maybe they'll call tom. Do you think it is appropiate to call them? Felt sad and good at the same time when I walked through those doors. Anyone else out there that finally just had enough and decided to leave their job?
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  3. by   AngelNurse1997
    YEP! I sure do!
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Yep. Sitting on the decision to quit literally made me sick. Glad I finally left. I was out of a job for awhile, but this one I have now is wonderful, and I'm soooo glad I waited for it!
  5. by   lisamcrn
    I did this exact same thing leaving LTC. I went to prn in May in hopes of keeping some income and giving myself time to find something else. After pressured being applied to return to part=time and getting demanding phone calls to come in and work I gave my notice terminating my prn status. I had interviewed at the hospital in this time, but had not heard anything. I went to another LTC for every other weekend in June. I finally heard from the hospital last week and was offered a position.

    I so can relate to your frustrations. I never want to go back to LTC again at this point. But I will miss the residents and other things unique to this area of nursing.

    I would suggest that you may want to save your concerns for the administrator until you obtain a new position. I say this because my old facility was great at providing less than honest references. I heard them several times passing on information that they SHOULD not of done. If you feel comfortable that this isn't an issue I would certainly contact the administrator....some are so clueless how things are affecting the staff and ends up affecting care or vice versa.

    I would also call the hospital that you interviewed for--remind them of your interest. Good luck!

  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by kayzee
    tonight was my last night in ltc. had exit interview and told hr exactly how i felt about the way i was treated. also sent a letter to the administrator. do you think this was right? just wanted him to hear my side. still waiting to hear from hospital about new job i want in med- surg. maybe they'll call tom. do you think it is appropiate to call them? felt sad and good at the same time when i walked through those doors. anyone else out there that finally just had enough and decided to leave their job?
    i have been there and done that! yes, it is fine to call a potential employer. keep your head up and keep the faith!
  7. by   NannaNurse
    Kayzee......I did just what you did. I finally got fed up with giving 2000% and getting nothing but HA and major stress in return! I've been at my new job, acute rehab at a major hospital, for alittle over 2 months and I LOVE IT! The most pts I've had is 7. It can get 'crazy' at times, but nothing like LTC.
    It is so sad too....I really love LTC and the interaction with the residents and family, but the administration and "nursing" leaders really pushed me over the edge. The one's who suffer are the wonderful residents/family.
    Our nation is full of elderly and getting fuller.......unless the owners and administration of LTC facilities across the nation 'wise up and open their eyes'.....there is NOT going to be enough nurses and dedicated cna's to staff them.
    Sad but true!
  8. by   adrienurse
    Have left two very dysfunctional nursing homes in the last 4 years. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I figured, if I'm gonna burn out, it's gonna be in a better place then those! Change is as good as a vacation. I have never looked back.
  9. by   Cubby
    About every other week I say "I am fed up and am gonna find me another job tomorrow" But I can't walk away from "my guys"
    LTC is so very difficult, but so very rewarding. I did my time in acute care and am very glad I am not there any longer.Just my opinion (and we all know what that is worth!)
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    Kayzee, I'm so sorry you're tenure in LTC wasn't better. What I love about my unit is that we have lots of geriatric patients and all the sweetness that (usually ) goes with them without the outrageous staffing ratios so common in ECF's.

    Best of luck wherever your future emplyment lands you . You can bet you'll have some elderly to care for wherever you wind up!
  11. by   RNConnieF
    I am in the process of leaving at this time. I am working full time at the hospital in Critical Care and weekedns the the LTC facility. I am having a hard time leaving the residents. I have one who, early onset Alzheimer's who will only let me talk her into the shower. The staff now leaves her shower to me as she can get agressive. I actually told them to leave it to me since I have less trouble getting her into the shower if noone else has tried to "force" her in. How can a nurse leave knowing that this poor woman will not get a shower? I am thinking of just leaving and coming in as a visitor on Sunday nights to shower her.
  12. by   mc40421
    After a really bad weekend and just a build-up of many things I finally decided I'd had enough. I went in the next day and talked to my nurse manager and told her I was giving notice, and even though she tried to talk me into changing my mind it didn't do any good. After I was gone, within the next 6 months 5 others from my floor also quit. I went through a real rough period after I left and wasn't really sure that I even wanted to stay in nursing, but now I'm looking around again. Just hang in there!