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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew if you need to be an RN to be a laser hair removal nurse and if anyone knows what the pay in California is for one.
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  3. by   3KittiesRN
    I know someone who was a laser hair removal nurse and she made $35.00 an hour. This was in the bay area, California.
  4. by   Haunted
    I was offered a part time position with a franchise chain starting at 25 an hour. I'm an RN with extensive experience in aesthetics, IPL etc. I discovered that this particular med spa owner was nefarious so I declined the offer.

    It seemed to be very tedious and cliquish. Most of the nurses had very little medical experience and went straight into this environment. It's sure not something I would consider full time.
  5. by   laserRN
    Hi, I will jump in here. I am an instructor for one of the training companies mentioned here. I am also a member of AMEN...the Association of Medical Esthetic Nurses. Association of Medical Esthetic Nurses, Inc..
    In California you DO need to be an RN, NP, PA or MD to do Laser Hair Removal. It falls under the Nurse Practice Act. The laws vary from state to state. Nurses make 35 and up for doing this treatment. Many MDs will pay hourly plus commision. Personally, I would mix it up. Take the training to do more treatments besides can become very tedious if that is all you are doing.
    Hope that helps.
  6. by   GardenDove
    All I know is that many nurses are nearing menopause and need this service. They should advertise on this very site. My personal chin has almost gotten out of hand as I approach menopause.
  7. by   laserRN
    I don't think we are to advertise on this site? But....I would advise you to have Laser Hair Removal if your hair is dark and you have been good about staying out of the sun. It works very well. I treat MANY women with facial hair.
  8. by   GardenDove
    I have mixed colors on my chin, blond, dark and white. They aren't quite a goatee, but they have multiplied over the years to 20 or more. How much does this service cost?
  9. by   Faeriewand
    Please someone correct me if I am wrong but from what I understand Laser Hair removal is not permanent. My friend trained in it and worked for several years under a doctor doing it making very good money.

    I do know that you can achieve permanent hair removal thru trichodemolysis or what they call electrolysis or thermolysis. In thermolysis a fine needle is passed down the hair shaft and heat is used to cauterize the blood vessel at the base of the hair shaft so that hair will not grow back. Tedious, painful takes a long time and expensive but definitey permanent. Electrolysis is the old method of hookng you up to a machine with many many probes and the current creates an acid in the hair shaft to eat away at it which destroys it. A method called "The Blend" blends these two to ensure descruction of the hair shaft. Most people just use the word electrolysis to refer to any of these such treatments. It could take several months. It could take up to a year for a full beard.

    The laser removal method requires that the area to be cleared is waxed first then the laser is applied and shown down into the hair follicle that is now empty. But the laser light really doesn't get all the way down to the bottom of the hair shaft where the hair germinating cells are so therefore the method is not permanent. The area is cleared thru waxing and then a treatment is applied and then when the hair grows back it is finer hair (from what my friend said) She also said that fine hair can be permantently removed.

    The rest of this information I know myself because I trained in permanent hair removal a long time ago and started my own business. Yes it works.

    The information on Laser hair removal just came from my one friend so this is secondhand information. I am unsure of its veracity but it seems to me that a light is not going to get to the bottom of a hair shaft. It just is not an open tunnel that you can show a laser light into. But perhaps someone here has had the procedure done several years ago and can attest otherwise?
  10. by   fetch33
    Laser hair removal has come a long way. It is indeed permanent. Faeriewand, you are describing the old way lasers used to work. There are new lasers, the one I had was called LightSheer. They literally explode the bulb of the hair, thus burning the hair follicle and killing it. Follicles that aren't killed are permanently damaged, resulting in a finer hair. The darker the hair, the better the laser works. I had 3 full-leg treatments done several years ago. Probably 80% of my leg hair is still gone. What is left is much finer.
  11. by   RunningWithScissors
    Hey, I take hair off the bikini area of patients almost every day, and I don't get paid any extra!...............

    Taking pressure dressing off groins, that is!!
  12. by   adrienurse
    Quote from GardenDove
    I have mixed colors on my chin, blond, dark and white. They aren't quite a goatee, but they have multiplied over the years to 20 or more. How much does this service cost?
    LOL it's called tweezers.
  13. by   luv your nurse
    I think im getting ripped off for laser hair removal. Im an RN and have a friend in the filed of hair removal who got me a "deal" but it sounded so expensive- 1500$ for removal of happy trail and bikini- does anyone know how this price compares, in California.
  14. by   sunshine999
    hi there... where can i have these laser hair removal? how much does it cost? dont i have an allied discount for these? i wanted to go back to the PI to have it done but then i dont have enough vacation so might rather have it done here...