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Starting next month in my hospitals we are changing the roles of the RN and UAP. The RN will have 5-6 patients (not uncommon) and will be responsible for all their normal nursing duties of assessing,... Read More

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    We have no aids at all. As an RN, I have between 4-6 patients on days/evenings and I do every single thing for them on my shift. Vitals, glucs, meds, washing, turning, feeding, assessments, admissions and discharges, calling docs, calling pharmacy, arranging inter-facility transfers, etc. I also happen to work on a cardiac unit where we monitor our own telemetry, so while I'm doing all those things, I have a pager in my pocket going off q2m on a bad day... And of course the alarms are usually nothing more than artifact, but I dread the day an ignored alarm turns out to be a fatal arrhythmia. We're really between a rock and a hard place here in trying to protect our licenses.
    This is so, so, so dangerous. I can't even imagine. I'd be out of there in a nanosecond.