just starting and scared

  1. I graduated in August and took my boards and passed them on October 5th. I am about to start my orientation Thurs. I have been a cna/tech/unit clerk for over 23 years. I am scared to death to start my new adventure as an RN. I will be working nights which I have been doing the past year, however I have to start my orientation on days. Guess I just came here to get some encouragement from people who really understand and know what its like to be new. My family and friends all say "ohhh your being silly you will be fine"' but they do not understand. Thanks for listening and any advice yall wanna share will be greatly appreciated. :wink2:
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  3. by   TazziRN
    You will be fine, but you're right, it's a scary undertaking. It's a scary thing to be hand-held for 2-4 years in clinicals and all of a sudden be a "real" nurse and you feel like you're thrown into the deep end! Don't be afraid to ask questions, and utilize your resources. It will take you about a year to feel completely comfortable, so don't get discouraged!!
  4. by   barbie90210
    congratulations on your perseverence! you already know what it will be like because you have been exposed to the hospital environment. some people go in without any previous knowledge. since you have been working in a hospital you are better prepared. i guess the only thing i would say is cover your ___ at all times! but you probably already know that. the most important things are the ones that have legal ramifications - such as charting, passing meds, documentation, and doctors orders. unfortunate, but true!
  5. by   AuntieRN
    Thank you both so much for your support and advice.
  6. by   jo272wv
    congrats on passing your boards. I passed mine in July and will give you some of my first experiences. I was scared also but learned fast to trust my fellow workers. I had two of the best proctors that caught most of my mistakes and explained well how to prevent them in the future. My nurse manager was exceptional in explaining that trust my instincts for the knowledge will return as situations arise. I still go home from work and worry about what I may have forgotten to do, or did I make the right calls but the older nurses tell me this is normal and will fade with experience. The main points I have learned is if your not sure of what you are about to do, stop, ask someone if it is correct or look up the proper procedure before you do it. Confidence comes with experience and I am finding out the longer I practice the more confortable I am becomming.
  7. by   Tweety

    It's scarey starting a new adventure. Kudos to you!
  8. by   teeituptom
    Fear is a good motivator
  9. by   Antikigirl
    Wow! I didn't have any of your experience under my belt as I started out and I made it! I think as long as you try hard to keep a proactive and positive stance on your abilities and know your limitations (being new) you will do well! Remember...everyone there started out like you at one time!

    Don't forget to ask questions and don't take on anything you are uncomfortable with that could risk pt safety. I still ask questions! Stand up for yourself too, and know the chain of command so you can talk to someone that will help you when you need it for any circumstance!

    It is a new adventure for you...enjoy it and learn so it becomes a wonderful journey!