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  1. hey everyone.. its me, amanda (studentnurse_02)... just thought i would catch you up on my current standings!! well, i am on a medical floor of the hospital, it is going okay... i had an interview a week ago for the newborn nursery and i went to meet the night nurses in the nursery last friday. so i am waiting with my fingers crossed, hoping and praying that i get the job. the first floor isnt as bad as it was at first because now they have it where the LPN's give all meds except IVPush and do fingersticks, and I&O's etc. RN's do assessments, IVPush, dressing changes, etc. but i still REALLY REALLY want to work in the nursery... but anyway, i turned 21 on July 5th and i got engaged on July 5th. My fiance' and i are getting married AUG. 2, 2003. (have time to save up some money).. but i guess thats about it... keep your fingers crossed for me!! thanks!!! Amanda, R.N.
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  3. by   live4today
    congratulations, amanda, on your job and engagement to be married! here's to hoping you land that nursery job as well. :hatparty:
  4. by   AmAnRN
    thank you!!!!
  5. by   Beach_RN
    Congrats!! Amanda R.N.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    congrats amanda on your engagement and your new career. i wish you many blessings and much good luck!
  7. by   nrs2bme
    I'll be praying you get that job you want and that when you do that you'll be great at it!
    Also congrats on the engagement! I got married young and wouldn't have had it anyother way... I just wish I had gone to school at that age too...You have a great advantage!
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Congrats! Welcome to the nursing profession.

    Wishing you smooth sailing with only gentle waves with your career and marriage.
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    :hatparty: Congratulations Amanda!!
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    amanda, congratulations! all the best to you!
  11. by   sharann