Just accepted to RN program, what now?

  1. Hi there,
    I will begin my 2yr RN program the end of August. I am 57 yrs old so I want to make the most of my time! I am looking for advice as to best course of action for my future employment. I want to work in Oncology. Are prosepctive employers going to prefer that I have a BSN over a ASN or that I have worked/volunteered in the medical field while getting my license or perhaps that I have take every available course/seminar on oncology or perhaps something else? I knowthat there are no guarantees..but I would hate to say two years from now "Geeze,I really should have........"
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  3. by   nathuladula
    which school ?
  4. by   Daytonite
    Get through your basic RN program first. When you graduate look for your first job on an oncology unit. Your ASN will be good enough to get you the job.

    Check out the Nursing Student Assistance and General Nursing Student Discussion Forums by clicking on the Students tab above. You will find lots of help on the sticky threads on those forums.

    Good luck in school.
  5. by   admcy11
    Tracey55, I am 40 yrs old in the midst of a career change. I am just now going through the motions of trying to complete the prerequisite courses and exams to qualify into an associate nursing program. You are an inspiration.
  6. by   ellakate
    Tracy55, the Oncology Nursing Society has a Student Virtual Community. By using the resources available from ONS, you will be able to network with others who have similar questions. The website for the Student Virtual Community is below.

    (This link was last accessed on 6/3/09).
  7. by   pagandeva2000
    After graduating with your associate's degree, you can inquire about chemotherapy certification. I believe that you have to work in either med-surg or an oncology unit for a specified amount of time (or maybe not-). My best friend took the class and now floats to the oncology clinic occasionally. Best of luck to you!