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I know it's just a bit of rotten luck that can't be helped; the other nurse who works in that section has got YEARS of seniority over me, and she wants to work as much as she possibly can. But it... Read More

  1. by   suanna
    We can but hope that Obama and Congress can get thier act together and find a way to fund health care in this country. It's rotten timing that we get a president that wants to see real health care reform when ANY health care is becoming a luxury for many Americans with the current economic climate. It's our health care institutions that are getting squeezed- and nursing is getting squeezed out.
  2. by   Private Peds Nurse
    I understand your situation fully. Have you ever considered Home Health Nursing?
    I love it!!!! And I too am in my 50's!
    Good Luck and God Bless!!!
  3. by   08dyna
    As I'm reading this I'm wondering if I should even bother going to nursing school in August. I'm going to be taking on some hefty debt in order to do so and HATE to think (and scared to death) there would be nothing out there for me when I finish.

    Someone commented that CNA's are currently in demand. If this is an ignorant question forgive me but, can an RN or LPN work as a CNA if there is a position open? I'm figuring some money is better than no money coming in. ???
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    My advice is: GO FOR IT!! The recession won't last forever, but the need for nurses will, especially with us Baby Boomers getting older by the minute. We're going to need someone to take care of us, because our generation is fighting the clock and we will NOT go gently into that good night, you can bet on it.

    And yes, a licensed nurse can most assuredly work as a CNA, and sometimes it actually happens in long-term care; but generally you're hired on as an LN and get paid LN wages even though you're doing CNA work.
  5. by   nursenow
    Quote from CseMgr1
    No kidding. I dutifully sent out a resume yesterday to a radiation oncologist's office, because I have to document that I am searching for work while I am drawing unemployment. I doubt if I will ever hear back from them, because I have no back office experience.

    As for home care and hospice, I have had enough driving over Hell's Half Acre for over 20 years. Even if I still wanted to, I no longer have a car to do it with.

    Remember my car that my sister and BIL's friend was going to get fixed? Well, after three different mechanics and
    $3,200.00 later, it still is not running right. I think the transmission is shot, which will cost another 3K to
    replace. I have to pay this guy back and I have no more money to put in it....period. Quite frankly, I am ready to
    have it towed to a junkyard. At least I won't have to keep paying insurance and taxes on it.

    Do what I am thinking about doing: Get certified as a Medical Coder. We can both work from home and not have to worry about how we are going to get there or antagonize our tired, worn out bodies any further.
    You might want to do some research on medical coding before you leap; Dont just talk to schools that will tell you how great it is. My sister researched it, including talking online to a coder that worked in a building with 300 others in the philippines.(off-shored). The company also had doctors working there that did nothing but read x-rays that were sent to them on-line from the US/Cananda.

    She also actually went to several facilities and talked to people in person. Can you talk to people already working in that area? Not just one, but a few, someone that has actually been there for a number of years?
  6. by   Anxious Patient
    I am so sorry this is happening to a group of people who dedicated themselves to care for sick and vulnerable patients. It just isn't right.
  7. by   nurseokc
    I am sorry to say this is happening many places. In our unit if we are busy we work are heads off. :bowingpurIf it is slow
    RN's have to start going home to the point it is almost unsafe..if the shift gets busy later it is tuff on the one
    left here.....I find it had to swallow. I am held to my three 12's a week- but it is OK for them to send me home any time they wish...with out pay- or we have to use all our vacation time up
    I hate to see where nursing is going !
  8. by   jadelpn
    Another thought would be and I think it depends what state you are in, you often can collect partial unemployment if you are cut back in hours. It is worth looking into as a cushion should you be cut back so much that you can't make ends meet. Hope it all works out for you!!
  9. by   VivaLasViejas
    Well, my DNS seems to have found a way to keep me working, at least from week to week while the census is down. Last night I did my first shift in six months as the medication/treatment nurse on the subacute/rehab unit; of course, I was VERY slow and felt overwhelmed with all the PRNs, and I didn't sit down all night!!! This is no job for an old woman like me---I swear, I'll never complain again about how hot it is on my unit!----but it's better than losing the hours entirely, even though it kicks my butt.

    The nurse who was working my unit while I slaved away on the opposite end of the building totally refuses to do this position, and I don't blame her---she's got about fifteen years on me, and seniority to boot, so they don't even ask her. She is, however, willing to work all shifts, while I can only do evenings or days (it takes me two full days to recover from a noc shift, so I don't do them at all), so I guess it will all even out.
  10. by   KellyLynn
    I hear what you are saying and feel your sympathy.
    Now is your time to shine and be indispensable. Perhaps reconsider those shifts and availability? You can only make yourself shine!!
    (Not many of us embrace those night time hours, but survival must be considered.)
  11. by   curiouscocoa
    I have always loved being a nurse. Today I am ashamed of being a nurse.
  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from curiouscocoa
    I have always loved being a nurse. Today I am ashamed of being a nurse.
    Would you elaborate on this, please? I'd like to hear why your feelings have changed.
  13. by   oncnursemsn
    Viva- thank you for your post- I too have experienced tremendous canceled shifts at my second job in town. My hubby is unemployed, accepted into grad school and I carry all insurance. I was canceled 2 shifts last weekend and am scheduled for 3 shifts this weekend. The solution? I will be cross trained to cover the Emergency Dept. Lovely. But I can't complain, and am thankful that I don't have to look for a 3rd job. (That was my dear hubby's suggestion when I whined about being canceled. ) I'm not 50 yet- but getting close. Feeling the groans of running around non stop, but what else to do?
    Hopeful the economy turns around- there will be a nursing shortage in the future. So for the "newbies" who are panicking- don't. The pendulum always swings back....
    Just my.