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since my cancer diagnosis, I'm interested in everything healthcare related

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  1. Etiquette in the OR?

    As a patient, I found this article surprising, actually it's an editorial. Has anyone here experienced this kind of conduct in the operating room? Editor's Page: Sexual Predators in the OR > Outpatient Surgery Magazine > February, 2015
  2. Etiquette in the OR?

    I'm curious. Isn't one of the reasons Versed is used so that the patient can't remember anything later?
  3. Wrong side/omitted procedure

    To avoid delaying or cancelling the operation, could the patient correct the consent form themselves by scratching out and rewording it for accuracy, then initialing the change? Would that be legally acceptable?
  4. Inside a Surgical Device Kickback Scheme

    This is a fascinating story about crooked staffers who knew how to game the system at a medical center and make a lot of money.
  6. Hospital Corners - a reminiscence

    A nurse recalls her training 50 years ago. (rest of the story)
  7. 'Nurses Heal' commercials

    I love the Johnson and Johnson "Campaign for Nursing's Future" commercials. These 2 are my favorites. 2PVeOq60GcA Pp-AMyiYbNU The nurses are real, the patients are actors.
  8. Operating through the tornedo

    (cont. here)
  10. The legend of Nurse Mary Jane Seacole

    i found this so interesting. didn't know which forum to post this in, hope this is ok here.
  11. Overheard "You're there to make money, not to talk," in clinical

    As a patient who has had doctors start an appointment by hovering at the door, with one hand on the doorknob, I'm glad there is Dr. Google for backup.
  12. You Won't Believe What Sparked This OR Fire

    cdgirl, and others, thanks for being such good (and brave) advocates. Any patient would be very lucky to have you take care of them. :hug:
  13. (cont.)
  14. here is a doctor that truly values nurses and even blogs about it. he blogs as [color=#2361a1]doctor grumpy in the house. listening to nurses is key to being a good doctor (more)
  15. 5 hour wait in ER results in triple amputation for toddler

    I'm on the patient end, so I'm wondering what would have happened if the father had "ambushed" the nurse earlier with his concern. Would the triage nurse have considered this a typical bully tactic to jump the queue and stick with their original asse...