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I am a CNA. I have been a CNA for a few years now and have just started working at this Skilled Nursing facility. A few days ago we recieved a patient who had knee surgery and happens to be the... Read More

  1. by   Kooky Korky
    Avoid this person at all cost. In fact, pray for divine protection. She sounds like a gang member, like a street animal. I suppose you could try talking to her and explaining why you asked her to step out, but this could backfire and make her even angrier. Have a witness, like your boss, not just another staff member.

    I am aghast at the naivete expressed by those who advise reporting to managers and expecting them to protect the OP. If anything, this will get her in trouble.

    Never volunteer.

    Find a new job. I am serious.

    Make a police report.

    Never volunteer.

    Always put pants on your patients when working around vicious thugs.

    Never volunteer.

    Blaming nurses is so completely wrong. They sensibly would fear for their lives re: this menacing dirtbag.

    What is Management's response to all of the complaints from this family?
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  2. by   Cola89
    Gross. Continue to report her to your supervisors and managers. You shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable at your job. This includes non-verbal communication. Since this family member actually works at the facility, she could be into some trouble for acting this way.
  3. by   NurseSpeedy
    What a creepy story. How supportive has your management team been toward employees with issues with other crazy family members? If they haven't resolved the issues or didn't side with the employee (if the employee was in the right), then I probably wouldn't hope for too much luck in them helping out with the thug daughter (or grand-daughter, can't remember what she was at this point).

    To be on the safe side, I'd consider filing a police report just to have it on record. The woman may just be creepy but if she's unstable it would be good to have something on record already just in case things escalate (hopefully not necessary).

    When you come in during the morning and when you leave in the evening, make sure that you are not in the parking lot alone, at least while this resident is still residing in the building.

    Sorry you're dealing with this. You were right to try to protect the room mate's privacy.
  4. by   hppygr8ful
    Situations like this have happened in the past, While you have nothing to apologize for I always find it best to seek out the family member as say something - like "We seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. I am sure you would want your loved one's Privacy protected if the situation were different. Still the whole situation might never have happened if you just pulled the privacy curtain and let the granddaughter stay in the room.

  5. by   ProgressiveActivist
    #1 objective: Don't get shot.