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Here is a question I would like you all to ponder. Maybe I am just so very jaded after all my years as a nurse, but I think not. (I am more than confident that this group of varied individuals will... Read More

  1. by   Teshiee
    For the most part. I really don't think the majority of us went into nursing for a large paycheck. There are other fields I can think of that make more money. I will say you can make a decent wage for the least amount of education which is nice for single moms and dads out there that our looking for a career change.

    I like nursing because it is what you make it. You don't have to work staff you can work so many different avenues the opportunities are limitless. I feel in knowing that a nurse should be compensated for his/her level of knowledge and expertise. The wages are not up to par especially with the cost of living. Living in California is outrageous what they charge to buy a home that even I can swing the mortgage why work extra hard for basic things. 25-50 and hour range isnt bad I think across the country but hey that is my opinion!

  2. by   tonicareer
    Where I live (Indiana) about the only jobs available are in healthcare. Also one of few jobs that pays well. No one should be a nurse if they totally hate. Many people can't spend huge dollars on PA or doctor schooling. Computers and business? Not many jobs in my area in that. I think nursing would be stressful for people with children (crummy hours). But for people without committments it's good. I like the fact that I can move geographically with nursing. Also that I can get an AS then go on into BSN (even online) then MSN not many jobs let you do that. I don't think computers or business pays more but probably has better hours of working. Of course no body waste or contamination risks in those jobs. If someone hates nursing(totally) then they should switch careers for sure.
  3. by   fergus51
    WOW!!! Long thread.

    I have to say, I see nothing wrong with money being PART of the motivation for being a nurse. It will never be all the motivation, but the fact that a woman can get her LPN or RN after a year or two of school and then make a decent living to support her family is a big draw. I certainly wouldn't have gone into nursing if it was minimum wage, caring as I am....

    For me money and respect are tied. If administration respects me for my contribution to patient care, thenI think they shoudl show it with a good wage. I also FIRMLY believe that money alone does help with certain working conditions because it helps with recruitment and retention. We are keeping more of our new grads and good oldies like me with our raise, that in turn means, fewer OT shifts, less staying late, less burnout!!!

    I do agree 100% that the public needs to be educated about nursing. We had a lot of people in the public saying we were very well paid for the easy job we have. They seem to think it's all bedbaths and backrubs...GRRRRR!!!!
  4. by   dffrntx
    I have been a rn for over twenty years and I got into this profession to care for the sick and stamp out disease and I have done that to the best of my ability. I am a caring person that cares for my patients,patient families, my spouse, my kids and and that person that needs help. To do all this caring I need to be secure financially and be able to care for myself in order to provide this gift that all nurses have who has chosen to care for the ill.
  5. by   fedupnurse
    This past summer, July 2001, our Union refused a $2.00 an hour increase becasue of the strings attached. They wanted to change our evaluation tool from the objective one we developed after a strike to a subjective one (do you smile enough was one of the criteria, another was do you provide refreshments and entertainment). Of course the VP of Nsg. said that the piloted study showed it wouldn't effect our raises. Pigs fly over a frozen hell too. We held out and they eventually gave us the 2 bucks without the strings. It was supposedly a market rate adjustment. Funny, I thought those were given freely to remain competitive?????????????
  6. by   teamrn
    " can still do an excellent job AND CARE AND LIKE TO BE PAID.

    this higher power thing is a fairytale passed on to us by the hospitals so we would be HAPPY NOT TO GET A RAISE... forgo the raise in favor of resolution of staffing issues. long as the person im working beside is competent and DOES her job i dont care why she wanted to be a nurse...."

    How many of us REALLY went into nursing because we thought we'd find some Tom Cruise saying "show me the money" all the time? From the above posts I've read, the majority/if not all, of us entered nursing for other reasons, usually because of a desire to help mankind with our services. It has been incredibly unfortunate that the 'powers that be' over the course of the years have taken unfair advantage of these desires and attributes, and determined that the services that a good, qualified, nurse can provide to a healthcare institution are not worth compensating them for.

    Isn't that a sad commentary on today's prioritizing? We need
    R E S P E C T as a profession, and I'm reminded of the words of a surveyor who phoned me last eve, "nurses are very special people." Please NONE of you forget that from a non-nurse.