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Is the labor union philosophy and mentality a good thing? Is it actually a great thing for staff nurses in general and the profession as a whole? Does pitting one nurse against the other while... Read More

  1. by   kewlnurse
    Originally posted by hadit
    Can those of you that know -name which unions are the better ones for nurses?
    I can tell you one that isn't great, CWA Nurses United.
  2. by   hoolahan
    I can tell ya two that aren't great.

    Teamsters and NJ State Nurse Association. (NJSNA)

    The NJSNA union actually had mandatory OT in the contract for the last Home Health Agency I worked at. It wasn't called mandatory OT, but what would you call it, when on your day off, you could be placed on call for a 6th day of work, when it wasn't your on-call day? It was called "Reverse senority."

    Anyway, I am with you kewl. In the teamsters, they signed a three year contract. There are assinine policies in there, that cannot now be changed, even if the staff wish them to be. Also, the pay raises are so bad, I was just considering going back FT, but if I go from per diem, non-union, I drop from 24/hr (plus weekend diff) to 22 something/hr, and do waaaaaay more work as a case manager. I asked if they would consider giving me more, I am experienced, have worked there for over 2 years, NO.

    I have a problem with the whole concept of unions. I mean I pay a fee every month, so that someone else can make a living on MY work?? Multiply $40 per pay x 100 employees x several institutions full of hundreds of employees. I think it is the cleverest scam going.

    I don't know what to think about these proposals on the table. I do know one thing, if I were a student nurse reading this here, I think I would change my major.

    Not sure nurses will ever get along wild, or be able to come together as a national unit. That is what the ANA is supposed to be for, not to push your buttons. Maybe we should ask the AMA to become a union for us? They certainly seem to know how to get things done!
  3. by   -jt
    Since someone is asking, New York State Nurses Association is the oldest & best nurses union in the nation and the one all the others look to as a model & leader.

    <The NJSNA union actually had mandatory OT in the contract for the last Home Health Agency>

    The NJSNA is not a labor union and does not provide collective bargaining services at all so I am curious about this. What kind of contract was it?

    NJSNA cant provide collective bargaining at this time but believed NJ nurses should be able to have that service and so this year set up a "shared services" agreement with the NYSNA in which NYSNA will provide the collective bargaining workplace union services to any group of NJ nurses that wants them to. These nurses will have dual membership in both associations. So far, this has occurred at Shore Memorial in Somers Point, south of Atlantic City. Others are in the process of organizing but have not yet been completed so I dont know what kind of contract it was at the home health agency.

    I dont think it could be NJSNA union contract because NJSNA is not a union.

    Whatever the agency had, Mandatory OT is now banned in NJ by order of the new law just signed by the Governor the other day.
  4. by   nurseyoda
    Its a trade-off. The money is good. Getting vaca time off sucks if you are new. and the "pension" is from the stone age. But the 403B is very good.

    A Female union leader members asked me to "join the ranks" because I'm male. I said no exactly because she made that comment. They need stonger leadership but having a penis will not solve the issue(s). Its all about backbone.

    Sometimes I feel the union mentally is not very professional.
  5. by   hoolahan
    nurseyoda, if you look anything at all like your avatar, I think that is why they picked you! LOL!!! That one is hysterical!

    Anyway, about the NJSNA, I was not actually in that union, since I was management, but I was told it was a union, union dues were paid, and there was a contract, which I was given, so I would know the terms and conditions. I don't have it anymore of course, since I no longer work there. But that is interesting news to me. Maybe they referred to it as a union for lack of a better description. I couldn't tell ya.