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A couple of us were having this discussion tonight. One nurses says no it is not addictive. I said "well I've know some potheads who couldn't stop smoking, couldn't face life without pot, etc." ... Read More

  1. by   Rustyhammer
    Dang...All this talk makes me want to roll a fattie and watch the sunrise on a beautiful Saturday morning.
  2. by   Jamesdotter
    "Can you think of any other untested, home-made, mood-altering substance that you self-dose, and that uses a burning carcinogen as a delivery vehicle?" Barry McCaffrey

    (I have no idea who McCaffrey is!). There is a point here for people who are using MJ for recreational purposes, but I think as a medication--well, let the individual know the risks (would a terminally ill person CARE?) and let them decide.

    I am definitely opposed to the use of MJ by children, but am on the fence re: adults--as long as they don't drive when or after using it. I was rear-ended once because of a pot-smoking idiot.
  3. by   mattsmom81
    I remember on cancer wards turning a blind eye (or nose) to the pot smoke in certain patient's private rooms...we were a smoking unit then so we could write the odor off to a wierd cigarette...LOL!

    I believe those who are teminally ill can possibly benefit from the effects.....why not. Of course we must consider those around them...children particularly....hated those home visits when the place is full of smoke (of any kind) and lots of infants/babies. They have no choice.
  4. by   Webmaster_Jason
    ---I say make it legal, just tax the hell out of it. We spend millions (billions?) on trying to remove marijuana from society. How long has the drug war been going on? Well, let me tell you it isn't working. It is just as easy to obtain as it was 20 years ago.---

    There are many reasons why the government will probably never do such a thing, but one that is fairly interesting and probably overlooked much of the time is the amount of jobs the war on drugs creates for the FBI, ATF, and anyone involved with programs such as DARE (not that the program would be eliminated with legalization). Granted, if you tax the sale of it, the revenue generated would be huge and it would cut out the costs of jailing offenders and rehab (but also cut out alot of prison jobs). I know that the big tobacco companies are waiting for the day its legal and taxed because they already have fields of it growing. They even have names picked out for the different brands, I just can't remember what they were...

    I also remember reading articles about the government being linked to cocaine rings in California. From what I remember it was to create jobs and keep people thinking those jobs were good for something in the war on drugs. This could explain why it is as easy to get it now as it was 20 years ago...even with the occasional huge televised bust.

    In regards to that, I saw a survey of highschool students in a magazine asking how long it would take them to get their hands on marijuana...50% or so said it would take them less than 30 mins...what you can do about that I have no idea...