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Is it ok to bring something like a box of doughnuts for the unit I'll be in, as a thank you? I know their day would be a lot easier if I weren't there poking my head in everything they do and... Read More

  1. by   KelRN215
    Yes, it ok and welcome. When I worked in the hospital, the students' last day was the best day of the semester because of all the treats.

    As far as preferred offerings go, I'd personally say bagels and cream cheese... they seemed to be the biggest hit on my floor.
  2. by   Morainey
    YES please bring donuts.
  3. by   wooh
    Yes. Bagels are also good.
  4. by   azhiker96
    Anything is appreciated but cookies are not as messy as doughnuts. You can either bake some or pick up a small variety pack at the grocery store. Oatmeal cookies are best, either with or without raisins.

    Actually, if a particular staff member is very helpful then try to figure out what they like for snacks.
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    I've ALWAYS appreciated food gifts, of any sort. I think it's a really nice gesture even if it's not something I personally want to eat.
  6. by   cherry_blossom
  7. by   Poochiewoochie
    Quote from amoLucia
    Since you're asking ---- and this is personal, but I am usually very selective about what I knibbble on at work. I don't eat things that are homemade too often. That's why Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kremes are fine with me. Also there's usually not a lot of time, so just grabbing a donut is easy to grab & go.

    I have brought in mini-sandwich platters from the deli/supermarket, also. Another simple grab & go item.
    I always laugh when someone says they would prefer to eat a dunkin donut or krispy creme before eating something homemade.

    I used to work at Dunkin Donuts when I was in high school and all I will say is that if you think you're more protected from germs and other things by eating from there think again
  8. by   netglow
    Quote from Poochiewoochie
    I used to work at Dunkin Donuts when I was in high school and all I will say is that if you think you're more protected from germs and other things by eating from there think again
    I once was waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts, and just was casually scanning the trays of donuts when I saw a 2+ inch long cockroach standing just as proud as you please on a chocolate eclair looking out at all of us in line I just turned around and left the store.
  9. by   cherry_blossom
    Just talking about dunkin donuts makes me want a glazed munchkin! if I want everyone to love me at work...I just go pick up some munchkins
  10. by   rn/writer
    Doughnut holes, cut up fruit and/or veggies, mini muffins, fun-size candy bars. If you do fruit/veggies, bring toothpicks. Also think about bringing in small paper plates and napkins. Even if these are available on the unit, it's polite to avoid using hospital supplies for what is essentially a personal matter.

    Whatever you decide to do, please, accompany your efforts with a nice note, thanking the staff for their help and expressing your appreciation for all that you learned while with them.

    Gestures like this are usually quite well received, and cards and letters from students are often kept for a long, long time. It's nice of you to think of thanking the people on the unit.
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  11. by   kgoode0919
  12. by   rumwynnieRN
    My final clinical day of nursing school, my classmate and I brought bagels. They were gone before lunch along with the spreads -- almond, pumpkin and low-fat regular.
  13. by   ammonthenephite
    Cool. Excellent ideas all, thank you! I've picked up a couple containers of those costco mini brownie things, very dense, very chocolaty, but nice and clean! I'll be doing surgery center and a few others for just one day each, but I thoutht it would still be nice to bring each unit i'm in this quarter (5 in all) something for their troubles. And if it buys a little extra patience (which I'm sure they will need with me) then all the better, heh