inventor of CPR dies

  1. alot of people owe their lives to this man! My dad is one of them!
    CPR inventor dies
    WASHINGTON, Aug. 5-Dr. Peter Safar, credited with inventing the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation technique, has died, the American Heart Association said Monday. He was 79.
    Safar died Sunday, the association said in a statement. It did not give a cause of death.
    "Safar's pioneering efforts and accomplishments in emergency and critical care medicine, resuscitation, life-saving first aid and disaster triage have saved countless lives and gained international recognition," it said.
    "In the late 1950s, Safar proposed the A-B-C (airway, breathing, circulation) sequence of resuscitation, including the technique of 'mouth-to-mouth' rescue breathing."
    The Vienna, Austria-born Safar helped create the organization that would become the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine in 1976.
    He survived a Nazi labor camp and emigrated to the United States, where he became a citizen in 1959.
    Safar lived in a suburb of Pittsburgh and was a professor at the University of Pittsburgh medical school.
    In the United States, more than 680 people die every day of sudden cardiac arrest. But using CPR and an automated external defibrillator can prevent many of this kind of deaths, according to the heart association.
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  3. by   glascow
    ResusciAnnie™ Found
    Unresponsive in Motel Room
    "Shake and shout" fails to revive famed mannequin

    ABILENE,TX--ResusciAnnie™, the internationally renowned rubber woman who helped pioneer cardiac life-saving instruction, was found unresponsive in a motel on the outskirts of Abilene early this morning.

    Paramedics arriving at the Lone Star Motel at 3AM today were unable to revive her, despite a prolonged trial of chest compressions, rescue breathing, and jaw lift/tongue sweeps.

    Local police suspect that her apparent demise may have been the result of alcohol abuse; in particular, ResusciAnnie™, or "Annie," as she was known to fans around the world, was said to have grown addicted to the alcohol swabs commonly used by students to wipe goobers off her mouth.

    A mannequin in the window of a local Sears store, who identified herself as a relative, said that ResusciAnnie™ had become increasingly withdrawn and isolated in recent years, following the introduction of computer simulation programs and more sophisticated mannequins that allow students to practice IV insertion and defibrillation.

    Paramedic Warren Tubbs was overwhelmed by the death of the historic figure. "We got an anonymous call early this morning, but didn't know it was ResusciAnnie™," said a tearful Tubbs.

    Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful
    "When we got there, though, I recognized her immediately, because of her unisex nylon clothing, the synthetic moulded hair, and the fact that her hard plastic carrying case was lying on the bed next to her. I said 'Annie, Annie, are you O.K.?', just as I was trained to do, and began compressing her springy artificial sternum."

    "We really weren't optimistic about getting a pulse, because she'd been down a while, and also she doesn't actually have blood vessels."

    President Clinton, who flew home from the G-8 Economic Summit in Okinawa on receiving the news, called it "a sad day for America". White House spokesman Joe Lockhart said the President paid silent tribute to ResusciAnnie™, then called for the creation of a "National Dummy Corps", which would allow young people to receive college tuition in exchange for undergoing repeated mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, chest compressions, and Heimlich maneuvers during cardiac life saving courses.

    Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott referred to the Dummy Corps idea as an election year ploy. According to Lott, "The Clinton-Gore administration want to buy the votes of dummies across the country with the hard-earned money of American tax payers". Dummies have long been regarded as a voting block loyal to Lott and House Republican Leader Dick Armey.
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    Wow I never thought there was one person behind CPR. What an incredible thought to know that he helped save so many people, and will continue to do so even after his death.
  5. by   Noney
    I wonder if we was coded?? Seriously! Or did he have DNR papers.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I'd think that he would have wanted everything done.
  7. by   Shamrock
    Aren't we glad he lived!! And it is indeed a sad day, now Anne is
    gone too.
  8. by   CseMgr1
    Annie, Annie!
  9. by   bluesky
    Frankly, I'm glad Annie's gone. Time for Fabio, the anatomically correct love-machine (uh, I mean technically superior engineer's dream) to take over...
  10. by   healingtouchRN
    sorry to know of Dr Safars passing. I am a BCLS/ACLS intructor & thanks to him I can pass along this knowledge. I know many who mourn his crossing. :kiss