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I CANT SLEEP at night. I worked night shift for several years, but it has been about 3 years ago. But my body is still in nightshift mode. Ive tried melatonin, benadryl, accupressure. Does anyone... Read More

  1. by   GooeyRN
    A combo of lots of exercise, melatonin and valerian root helped me when I was having major issues with sleep. I know how bad it sucks! Be warned, the valerian smells AWFUL and tastes even worse if you burp after taking it...
  2. by   MeganS
    You have seen your physician, taken meds and still problems. Time to see a sleep specialist and possibly have a sleep study done. :zzzzz
  3. by   debi49
    I have struggled with sleep on and off for years. I have recently tried something that actually seems to work, tho it may be having a placebo affect on me. Its called "Tranquility sleep and stress formula" and I got it on a website called
  4. by   cherrybreeze
    Quote from diane227
    I suffer from horrible insomnia and just seem to get buy on these 4 hour naps. I have had a sleep study and have taken every sleeping medication known to man. Ambien really caused me problems... sleepwalking and night time eating. Plus, it was hard to break the psychological addiction to it. Now, I have just decided to roll with it. I sleep for a few hours when I get home at night (I work 3-11) then wake up, work on the computer, do other stuff and go back to sleep for a couple of hours before I have to go to work. I take an occasional xanax every now and then. No alcohol.. that keeps me awake and benadryl is like taking speed. Why are we all like this? My friend John (the best ED physician in the world) says that insomnia is a sign of a restless, perhaps unhappy mind. He might be right. He wife, my friend Les, who is also a nurse, can fall asleep standing up. The sign of a clear conscious I suppose.
    I'd buy that. I know my mind is usually what keeps me awake the most!
  5. by   chenoaspirit
    I was just diagnosed with fibromyagia and also just had fusion surgery on my c-spine. Im scared to do any exercise. It HURTS soooooo bad and Im afraid I'll damage my neck until it's fused completely. Plus I dont have any energy to do any exercise (maybe due to lack of sleep). I just now woke up from a 2 hour nap, which I shouldnt have done. I was just sooooo exhausted from being up all night. I hate this! Ive never heard of valerian. I'll have to check into that. Pluse I'll have to check into the tranquility sleep and stress formula. Thanks guys! The doc wanted me to do a sleep study, but I know I would just be awake all night and it would be pointless to go to a sleep lab. Thanks for all your wonderful advice! Its nice to know that Im not alone with this, although I hate it that you are going thru it too.