Indian hospital in Phoenix

  1. I was just wanting to know if anybody has or is working for IHS? I have read about it on the web, but I want some input...Staffing, work hours, pay, etc...I am really interested in the Indian Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

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  3. by   NativeButterfly
    Hello there!!!

    I am currently working for IHS here in Whiteriver AZ....have a few friends that work at PIMC. I do not know how staffing and such is done there but I know that hours for the IHS are pretty standard. We work 7 twelve hour shifts a pay period. That makes us have 4 hours of "mandatory" OT each pay period. Our staffing is not too bad here-it is a small facility so if one unit is could be pulled all over the hospital. But I think that is standard at any hospital right now. The pay is much much better for me right now than it was in the "real" world. If you have any questions, either post here or PM me...
  4. by   baseline
    The staffing varies from unit to unit or hospital to hospital. I worked in Chinle in the OP department, and we worked m-f 8 hours. Some of the hospitals have flex time which is the 7on 7 off. It varies.
  5. by   cactus wren
    Hi, my daughter works for IHS, but in a small hospital on the Big Res..(( Crownpoint,NM) She loves her in a very busy ER..Has great bennies...they are even paying off her student loans...Have 2 friends who just started at IHS Phoenix, they like the job, very busy Icu there, as it draws from all over the Southwest...My Daughter does the 7 on 7 off ..12 hour shifts....not sure about my friends....
  6. by   nursesrthebest
    Thanks for the replies I got paper work, applications etc. from IHS of Phoenix. I live in Alabama right now, but will be moving to Phoenix next I want to get as much info about the place before I move.
  7. by   sjoe
    Make sure your car is air-conditioned!
  8. by   bagladyrn
    I worked for the IHS in Chinle, Shiprock and Gallup before becoming a traveler. I still try to take a contract back on the res. from time to time to catch up with friends.
    Haven't worked in Phoenix, but have spent time there. You may want to take a weekend trip to there this summer so you would know what you're getting into as far as climate (don't believe anyone who tells you "But it's a DRY heat")
  9. by   baseline
    Oh yes!! Phoenix is HOT HOT drive with one finger on the wheel HOT!! Better in Chinle...those 6000 ft make a difference. But..then there is that dust thing.....:-) Miss it like crazy. Going back soon.