im really really worried, need some advice please.............

  1. i'm 11 weeks pregnant and have developed a swelling under my arm, there is not really a lump. It is tender sometimes. My dr checked it out and didnt know what it was. He said he didnt think it was anything nasty but to keep an eye on it. i have to go back in just over a week and he said if it has not gone by then he will refer me to a surgeon. Im so scared. I'm not too well with this pregnancy....vomiting alot, but im really worried about this swelling. It hasnt gone . i was wondering if it is something to do with being pregnant. Hope someone can advise me please.
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Sorry I don't know if the swelling has anything to do with your pregnancy or not. I just wish you well and hope it will be gone when you go back to the doctor again. Good luck
  4. by   J Lynn
    I remember when I was breastfeeding I had a swollen milk duct near my armpit. I know you are still pregnant, but my sister had mastitis (sp) which is a yeast-like breast infection and the dr told her it was unusual to have that while still pregnant, normally you get that while breastfeeding. So maybe some lactation nurses on this board could explain if that is a blocked milk duct. Also look up when you body actually starts producing milk (i'm not sure of that one).

    Try not to worry, just do some research to let off some worry energy.
  5. by   uk_nurse
    thank u for your replies. we do some resarch tho.
  6. by   SCRN1
    You can have breast tissue in that area too. Maybe it's just enlarging just as the actual breasts do when pregnant.
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    Could this maybe have anything to do with hormones? Just wondering...

    I wish you all the luck in the world with this pregnancy!!! Congrats!
  8. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    In the last several months I have noticed that I get a nasty little knot under my arm when I am under lots of stress. It acts like an abscess, but it is what they used to call "blind" and it resolved on its own.

    I did use warm moist packs a couple of times a day (mostly because the thing hurt like the dickens!) and began to use antibacterial soap when I showered.

    I worried too--and I'm not only not pregnant or nursing, I'm postmenopausal!

    As for the nausea and vomitting, try eating frozen popsickles (not sure what they would be called in the UK). I did that and I don't know if it was the cold or the sweet, but it worked.

    Do keep us posted, will you?
  9. by   uk_nurse
    Chris at lucas............hope you ok too.It is a worrying time when these things happen cos you do think of the worst. Thanks all for your replies its nice to know there is someone out there who can advise and support you. I have a docs appt 13th july so will keep you posted..

    As for the sickness well i just hope it improves as im off work for 2 weeks or until doc says i can go back. i can keep fluids down which is a good sign but food .yuk. im coming up to 12 weeks pregnant now and it is suppose to ease off, so they say. once again thanks everyone
  10. by   uk_nurse
    keeping you updated.just got back from docs about my swelling under arm He still not sure and has refered me to a breast surgeon for more advice. He said he thinks it may be linked to me being pregnant. I have a rapid appt for next thurs afternoon. Im so scared and worried
  11. by   J Lynn
    I will pray that everything is just fine with you. Stay positive. We're here for you.
  12. by   grandma rn38
    i hope everything will be o.k. i will keep u in my prays.
  13. by   purplemania
    Please keep us informed. There are lymph glands in the axilla that may be "clogged" or infected (I would think an infection would have other sx as well). I took care of a 6 y/o once with Yersinia. She had swollen axillary lymph glands, but her only tx was antibiotic therapy and she responded well to that. Good luck!!
  14. by   cindimc
    It's more than likely just swollen mammory glands. This happened to me during one of my pregnancys. It can't hurt to have it checked out tho, better safe than sorry.......Try not to stress too much, not good for the baby and CONGRATULATIONS to you