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After losing my chosen job in Plastics because my ward got shut down and trying other surgical posts I got a relevation of sorts last night. I was emptying a bedpan at the time and the thought... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    Good luck in your new career.
  2. by   Tweety
    Quote from GardenDove
    You're very sensible Tweety. Actually, you should have seen me last summer, I was ready to cash it in myself. I was so p1ssed off about my place of employment because of the continual uproar there due to crazy management decisions...

    I hear ya. Thanks for understanding. I think most of us have had our "drama queen" moments of near burnout and frustration from time to time. I know I have.
  3. by   dansamy
    I think sometimes it's good to recognize that a particular profession just isn't for you.
  4. by   RNsRWe
    I don't think it's overly dramatic to voice an opinion like the OP did here. I do think this is an appropriate forum; who better to understand and perhaps guide a burned-out, struggling nurse than....other nurses?

    I am a new nurse. I work in med-surge, and the workload I have had lately is practically unbearable. Everyone says "it gets better, hang in there"....and then others (who are probably telling the truth, actually) say "it doesn't get better, this is it, but you do get used to it".

    How used to it we get, I suppose, determines whether we thrive, survive, or completely spin out into the ocean.

    Me, I really like my job. I really hate the nurse to patient ratios, but it doesn't look like there's help on the way: everywhere is short-staffed. The original poster, however, is also sick and tired of the type of care and, well..."services" we provide, and I can relate to that, too. I never dreamed I'd be wiping the butt of someone who frankly should be wiping her OWN butt (we all know that story) but there it is. I always remember the number of times I gave valuable help to my patients over the number of times I was asked to straighten blankets and fix a pillow for the person who had just climbed out of bed and back in easily, no mobility problems.

    I only hope and pray that I have the fortitude to get through 12 years, like the OP, before *I* say "that's it"!
  5. by   Lovely RN
    Sorry you feel like getting out maybe try something else(different area of nursing). However if you feel nursing isn't for you try something else. Life is too short to be unhappy at work. Like my mother told me "This isn't a dress rehearsal"(meaning life). Good Luck I wish you the very best.
  6. by   welnet66
    Quote from MVH119
    What interests me is why anyone thinks nursing holds the moral high ground,
    Why would it? It is just a job. A dirty one at that.
    It does not give you moral superiority for liking it.
    I nursed for 12 years.
    You're right MVH119. Why stay in a line of work that makes you unhappy..life is too short. Good for you..you made a decision many unhappy nurses are afraid to make. All the best.
  7. by   nursemelani
    Quote from mtngrl
    For the people that say "try school nursing, try public health, etc".....those jobs are FEW and FAR BETWEEN. Not something you can just go switch to like that. There is nothing wrong if you decide you don't like nursing. Just get out of it and find something that will make you happy.
    There are SO many different areas of nursing. Advice Nurse, Home Health, Laser Skin Clinic, Infertility Clininc, Private Doctors Office, etc. My best friend burned out on Med-Surg. Like a previous poster, she was taking anxiety meds to deal with the stress. Then she switched over to L&D, and now she is happy to go to work.
    We work so hard for our liscenses, so it would be a shame to get out of nursing entirely.
  8. by   GardenDove
    Quote from Tweety
    I think most of us have had our "drama queen" moments of near burnout and frustration from time to time.
    Yep. I'm just lucky to have a good manager to vent to from time to time.
  9. by   lorster
    One of the problems is that people are disillusioned by the profession. For whatever reason, they think that it is glamorous...or something. So, they sink all their money into a college education and because they are poor to begin with, they have to borrow money to pay the tuition, etc. So then they graduate and the only way they can pay back the loans, is to make the money that nursing pays. I know of many nurses in this situation and I'm one of them. The other thing that happens is you get used to a lifestyle on your nursing salary and then it is hard to quit because you cannot work for less. I know many nurses in this situation also. So, if you are not deep into debt from college and you have found that you absolutely hate this profession, by all means, get out while you can. You will spend many years miserable if you don't. However, before you decide to hang up your hat after putting so much hard work into it....look at other areas you may be interested in. There are so many and you may find an area you absolutey love. I hope it works out for you.
  10. by   simplminz
    If I felt as though I could afford to quit nursing I would in a minute, not because of patients,but because of nursing and administration itself. It is time to take a good hard look at why nurses are leaving and make it attractive to be a nurse...some things will be very difficult to change, some things will take a very long time to change, and some things may never change. I for one am tired of being accountable for every discipline, including physicians and nurses taking on the weight of the world. When something has to be done Nursing takes it on. JCAHO piles on more and more mandatory requirements, some which in theory, are good, but where are the nurses and the hours to do all of these things?
    I don't feel that I am underpaid. I do not feel that a higher wage is a long term solution to this problem or the nursing shortage or to make nurses who are unhappy for other reasons, happy. I think mandatory overtime, 12 hour shifts and overtime in general all lead to unhappiness and burnout and poor patient care as well.
    I'm envious of nurses who love their job and wonder how nurses who work on busy med/surg units and critical care areas cope with their day and leave still saying they love their jobs. I don't work in this type of area and in the busiest of times I leave feeling as though I have been unfulfilled, behind, and given substandard care.
    Good luck to all of you leaving nursing and enjoy your new careers.
  11. by   DDRN4me
    The OP has obviously spent a lot of time and money obtaining her masters degree. I understand that being overworked and underpaid when you have worked so hard is extremely frustrating!! Have you gone to any job fairs recently? what about a career counselind workshop or class? I do have to say that there are sooo many different ways to use your education and training. You do not have to teach nursing itself, what about one of the sciences in a nursing program,? If you are not a teacher, and are detail oriented, what about a UR position? Ihave many friends in UR who "liked nursing but hated people"! Best of luck in whatever you do. Mary
  12. by   lcozar
    I have heard a lot of complaints about nursing. and it is something all over the world. A lot of nurses given up this field and I do not blame them. there is a lack of respect for us, anywhere you go you will be the last to be trusted. Moreover medical doctors, cheif, patients treat you like a pig. it does not matter what effort you ,put but if you are a nurse think about a second field, just to have something for backup when you give up.
    I nursed for more than 20 years, and there is no change at all. I encouraged my daughter to do medicine instead. Nursing as a field has to change 100 percent, otherwise will vanish it.
  13. by   lorster
    I don't feel that I am underpaid. I do not feel that a higher wage is a long term solution to this problem or the nursing shortage or to make nurses who are unhappy for other reasons, happy. QUOTE]

    Simpleminz. All the money in the world will not make it better if you simply hate nursing. But.....I do feel we are very underpaid. Look at other professions out there. Pharmacists make 85,000 a year, Physical Therapists make more than we do. Plumbers make way more than we do. Flaggers on highway construction make over 20 an hour. The list goes on and on. For the responsibility we are given, we make squat. If this were a male dominated profession, you can bet your sweet biffy we would be in the 6 figure range. But...we have no balls, no solidarity. That is the bottom line. We simply are not loud enough or just too tired to care after an exhaustive 12 hour shift.