I'm JUST a nurse!

  1. next time you hear the word just and nurse in the same sentence feel free to recite this word for word - its by Suzanne Gordon author of from silence to voice - what nurses know and must communicate to the public :

    I'm just a Nurse
    I just make the difference
    between life and death

    I'm just a nurse
    I just have the educated eyes that prevent
    medical errors, injuries and other catastrophes

    I'm just a nurse
    I just educate patients and families about how
    to maintain their health

    I'm just a nurse
    I just make the difference between dying in agony
    and dying in comfort with dignity

    I'm just a nurse
    I'm just the real bottom line in healthcare

    I'm just a nurse
    I just make the difference between pain
    and comfort

    I'm just a nurse
    I just make the difference between healing
    coping and dispair.

    I'm just a nurse
    I just work in a major teaching hospital
    managing and monitoring patients who are involved in cutting edge experimental medical or nursing

    I'm just a nurse
    I'm just a professor of nursing who
    educates future generations of nurses

    I'm just a nurse
    I'm just a long term care nurse who makes the difference between staying in ones own home and
    going to a nursing home

    to all the student nurses
    don't you want to be "just a nurse" too?
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  3. by   stressedlpn
    well said and oh so true
  4. by   nell
    Thanks hapeewendy :angel2:! That's really great. I'm going to copy it and print it out nicely (gracious font, heavy textured paper, maybe a light nurse-collage in the background...) and hang it in our lounge.
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  5. by   micro
    yep, i am just a nurse also.............
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks for sharing!
  7. by   Mkue
    that was beautiful, thank you. :angel2:
  8. by   bagladyrn
    thanks so much hapeewendy - Just the thing I needed to forward to a fellow nurse who's been having a rough week!
  9. by   labornurse
    I like your idea nell, I think this is something my unit needs to read. We are all having a rough time right now.
  10. by   fergus51
    Speaking of, has anyone got the nurse rant? It's a takeoff on the Molson's I am Canadian rant. I saw it once and can't find it now!
  11. by   bandaidexpert
    Just another nurse here......I think I have something in my eye....
  12. by   eltrip
    Thanks, Hapeewendy! That was beautiful!
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    But I am just a nurse. I am no more and no less than a hired and paid life enhancer, and thats all i will ever be. Remember! Nursing corrupts, and absolute nursing corrupts absolutely.
    I make a difference, one difference at a time, just one, at one time. Making one difference at a time is a beautiful thing to me. Being just a nurse is beautiful. Every difference i make lets my heart beat happy beats in happy wendy's ambiance of nursing singularities. Just a nurse :-) Huurrppphh :-)
  14. by   Christel2Rn
    I'm not sure if anyone has read these 2. They were given to all the nurse graduates at a dinner welcoming us to the hospital.