I'm in a bind!

  1. I am in a bind. I had only 4 months med/surg before I was attacked by a patient and now with chronic neck problems will not be able to return to clinical nursing. I will be starting vocation rehab but have researched many nursing areas and the majority require at least 1-2 years med/surg experience. I'm so frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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  3. by   dosamigos76
    I am so sorry to hear of your situation. Since this happened at your job and obviously affects your work, doesn't your employer have an obligation for REHAB for you? Have you been able to get any info from them?
    Sure wish you the best!
  4. by   purplemania
    Were you injured during a clinical rotation as a student or while working? If you are RN already, could you work in Education, Guest relations, as clinical instructor, informatics or some other non-clinical area?Good luck on your future.
  5. by   Rapheal
    Sorry for your troubles. I have been an RN less than a year and I am employed at a hospital that has serious staffing issues. I just put out 2 resumes for jobs that required 2 years experience. They called me for interviews. I reminded them that I did not have the experience they required and they asked me to interview anyway. I am pretty sure they are not the jobs I want but I thought it would be good for my self esteem to go. So go ahead and apply, you might be surprised. Good luck. Beth
  6. by   redshiloh
    I agree, I did not have med surg(which i do regret), but you can always apply. For your sake, keep going with your education so that you can always have more choices.
  7. by   lost nurse
    Wow...thank you all for your words of support and kindness. I will be going to workers comp but I'm trying to research my options before I get going with that and make the most of what training I will get. It just stinks that it feels like my career in nursing has been limiting after such a short time. But thank you for your help.
  8. by   kidluvinRN
    Fortybelow, Sorry to hear about the unexpected detour your nursing career has taken. How frustrating!!! Try to keep an open mind about your career. Sometimes what we see as limitations, are the doors to a path we haven't yet considered.

    I took a job out of school in LTC, feeling to myself that this was not as good as acute peds. Well, 3 years later I feel so differently!! I love working with medically fragile kids! Just goes to show that sometimes we don't know what is best for us. Take a chance, dream, there will be something perfect out there for you. There is a lot more to nursing than acute care, although it's easy to feel that is where you should be when you get out of school!!!!
  9. by   ainz
    Become a nurse activist to help fight the current trends that are driving nurses out of the profession.

    Go get a PhD and do some MEANINGFUL nursing research that address real world issues in a concrete way that can be used by all of us.

    Become a lobbyist to get laws passed that will ensure the survival of our profession and will benefit patients (people) that are in need of healthcare and paying big bucks for it.

    Sorry, I should not take advantage of your thread to get my 2 cents worth in. There are so many different areas of nursing, you are truly unlimited as to what you can do, especially if you continue your education and advance your degree. But I am serious about the above remarks.