I'm another new one here

  1. Hello everyone. I'm Sophie. Im a friend of a niece of one of the members here and she's showing me how to use the forum. I have got to say it's pretty overwhelming to see so many nurses talking together!! As soon as I get a computer I know I will be writing here a LOT!
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  3. by   katscan
    Hi and Welcome!! You will make many new friends here! I just LOVE your name Sophronia. It is so melodic...
  4. by   itsme
    Welcome aboard!!!
  5. by   Disablednurse
    Glad to have you with us. It will be fun.
  6. by   Sophronia
    My name is actually sophronia if you can believe it! I usually tell people my name is Sophia (Like Sophia Loren). Of course Im not a tall beautiful Italian, Im a short, kind of average round brown haired person. Ha Ha
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  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    WELCOME!!! stay a while and enjoy yourself!
  8. by   petiteflower
    welcome, come often, post often!!!
  9. by   altomga
    welcome to the land of the nurses! great to have you aboard! we love newcomers...brings a fresh attitude and persepective!!
  10. by   Sophronia
    Thank you for the nice welcome. What jobs do you all have? IM a RN out of work right now but thinking about looking again. Ive had some health problems and that has made me afraid when I think what if I can't make it.
  11. by   petiteflower
    I am an ER RN/Coordinator--and I do EMS also.

    I am not trying to be nosy--but is there something we can help with?
  12. by   angelbear
    Welcome, good luck with your decision to return to work and with your health. I am an LPN in LTC for MRDD. NIce to meet you,
  13. by   devia01
    welcome and enjoy with all nurses on th discussion board.
  14. by   GPatty
    Hello and welcome!
    Love the name! My aunt's middle name is Sophronia too. Never heard anyone else by that name...
    I'm an LPN in LTC. It's alright, but I am going for my RN to have more options in my career.
    Good Luck in yours!